Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Wednesday Already?!

Uhhh, not that I am complaining, but holy crap! What has happened to this week already. It's already Wednesday and I feel like I have not gotten anything done that I wanted to. And with a short work week because of Tough Mudder this weekend, everything seems to be piling up. There is just not enough time in the day!

Today's post is going to be a hodge podge of things. Weekend recap, Weigh-In Wednesday and just some other things going on. So I apologize in advance if this get's long. Don't say I didn't warn you either. 

This past weekend was crazy!! Between workouts, training/trying to keep track of the new puppy, a Birthday party, and the Balloon Classic, it was just non-stop!

Friday I had a training session and then I went home and made dinner and relaxed. It was probably the least busy of the three day weekend. 

Saturday I was up early because of the puppy. I have given up on the idea that I will ever get to sleep in again. I got some breakfast, played with the puppy and then headed out to Zumba. I got all the way to the gym just to find out that Zumba had been cancelled. Awesome. So instead of Zumba I headed to Target to get my Niece's Birthday present. 

Birthday present shopping is always fun. I found some great stuff that I knew she would love and then headed home. Once I got home I did some yard work, mostly pulling weeds while the Husband mowed the front and back yards. The weeds were getting out of control. I couldn't believe how bad we had let it get. 

After we were done in the yard, I was pretty tired. I sat down on the couch and may have fallen asleep for a few minutes. Yeah, I was tired. After I woke up I decided to head down to the my SIL's house with the puppy so that everyone could meet him. He did so good with all of my Niece's and was super good with my baby Nephew Hunter too. 

While I was down visiting we decided to head out to the Balloon Glow that night since this was the last year that they would be doing the Balloon Classic here in Colorado Springs. It's really sad that city politics is forcing out an event that has been here forever. I grew up going to the Balloon Classic every year, and now I won't get to take my future kids to it. All because our city is greedy and wants to charge the event more and more money. Ridiculous!

The Balloon Glow was fun. It was good to see it one last time. And I got to spend some great quality time with my family and got some extra steps in from all the walking we had to do! It was a win win!

Sunday morning I was up early again because of the puppy. So we got up, had some breakfast and then I took him on his first hike. He did awesome. He loved every bit of it. Especially all the people. He just wanted to say hi to everyone! 

After our hike we went home and I immediately grabbed my list and my bags and went and got my grocery shopping done for the week. When I came back, I got ready really quickly and then we had to head out once again so that we could go to my Niece's 2nd Birthday party. 

Miss Rylei was just adorable as always. She loved opening all of her presents. She would get so excited over the gift that she just opened that she would forget that she had other ones to open. It was adorable.  She however was not a fan of us singing Happy Birthday to her. She got pretty bashful, but it was still cute. After resisting what looked like some delicious cake, we headed home to let the dogs out. 

We made some dinner, watched some more of The Office and then I got ready for my Fantasy Football draft. It was quite possibly the longest draft ever on the face of this planet. But I got through it and I think I have a pretty good team. I guess we will see here in a few short days! Eeek!!!!

Monday I was once again up early but only because I wanted to go see the Balloons lift off at the park. So I got myself out of bed hella early, and busted my ass to get down there. Got there, found somewhere to sit and then waited and waited and waited to find out that they weren't going up that morning because it was too windy. Really? Damn it! They were at least still pretty to see while they were inflating. 

After the disappointment of no balloons, I headed home. We then got ready to go up and visit the In-Laws and go to the Lego store. We stopped at the Lego store first so that the Husband could buy his Batmobile Lego set. This thing is ridiculous. It has like 2000 pieces and it wasn't cheap either. But he was happy and it is his play money that he spent, so I can't really be too upset about it. 

After the Lego store we went and visited with the Husbands parents for a few hours and then went and grabbed some lunch. On our way back down to the Springs we stopped at the Under Armour outlet in Castle Rock so I could get a few new things. I am constantly needing new workout clothes and I needed a pair of capris that actually fit for Tough Mudder this weekend. I was pretty excited about my new purchases. But then again, I am that weird person that is obsessed with workout clothes. 

I ended the day with another session with my personal trainer at 6:30 and then went home and went for a run real quick and then made some dinner and just relaxed the rest of the night. Like I said, crazy busy weekend. 

As far as Weigh-In Wednesday goes, nothing really to report. I am up a few lbs on the scale, but I am honestly not too worried about it. 

I am however getting pretty excited/extremely nervous for Tough Mudder this weekend! Eeeekkk!! I am bound and determined to give it my absolute all and finish it knowing that I did as well as I possibly could. I think that is all that I can really ask of myself. Well that and to make sure that I have fun while doing it. 

Okay guys, that is the end of this big long post. It may be my last for the week. I am not sure yet. It will depend on how everything else plays out the rest of the week. If it is, I will see you guys next week and hopefully will have all kinds of fun stories from Tough Mudder to tell you about. Have a great rest of the week and have a great weekend!