Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My First Trip to Ikea

This past weekend we made our way to Denver to go pick up the rest of our dishes from the Bed Bath & Beyond up there that was holding them for us. Well, on a whim, we decided that it was time to make our first trip to Ikea.

Getting ready to pull into the parking garage

The Ikea store in Denver just opened in July so it is still very new, but we have been putting off going because we knew it was going to be insane. So finally we decided to take the plunge and brave the crowds and go. I have one word for my first Ikea experience, overwhelming!

There is so much to look at and there are so many people that it was just completely overwhelming and I almost had a panic attack because there were just too many people. You couldn't move a foot in that place without almost bumping into someone and I get very overwhelmed, frustrated and claustrophobic in those types of situations. So needless to say it wasn't the best first trip/experience, but we did walk out of there with some new furniture pieces for very reasonable prices.

So, I thought I would show you our new furniture. I have been eyeballing this coffee table on their website for a while, so while we were there we decided that it was time to finally purchase it. It was only $40!!! And I love it way more than our old coffee table. It is so much more modern looking and it looks so much better with our other furniture! Our old coffee table was making us really lazy too because it had the top that lifted up to the perfect height to put your dinner plate on. So fatty over here would just sit on the couch and watch TV while I ate dinner. I still do, but it is becoming very uncomfortable and inconvenient and it is only a matter of time before I decide that I need to move to the actual dining table.

We also walked out of there with the matching end table to this coffee table! And you are not going to believe how much we spent on the end table. Only $10!!! I have fallen in love with this place because of how cheap they are! Yes, I know, the product probably isn't as good of quality as something a little more pricey, but I really don't care. It works for what we bought it for and that is all that matters to me.

Sorry it is so crappy, I took it with my phone

That was all that we bought the first time we were in there. And I say first time because we ended up going back the next day and walked out with more stuff. Okay, we didn't go back just to go back though. If you have ever been to Ikea you know that everything comes in flat boxes and you have to assemble everything. Well, we got our coffee table home that first night and one of the legs was broken. So, we had to drive all the way back up to Denver which is like a good 45 min to an hour drive for us, so that we could exchange our table. 

Well, we decided to look around again because when we went in the first day we had gone in looking for something specific and didn't find it, so we were looking around to see what our other options were for something that would work. We were looking for a microwave cart or something similar that had some extra storage on it so that we could better utilize the space in our tiny kitchen. Like I said we didn't quite find what we were looking for but we did find this and it ended up working out perfectly!!

All of the stuff on the top two shelves was on our counters and just taking up way too much space, so this actually was probably the best purchase that we made this weekend. And this metal shelf was only $20!! We loved it so much that we actually bought two and put one in our "Office/Entertainment" room. Which is code for our room that we just throw everything into when we don't have anywhere else to put it!

So overall I have to say that our first two trips to Ikea were successful even though they were quite overwhelming. I have to say too that I am actually looking forward to going back to see what else I can find to spruce up our sad little apartment. And I definitely know where we are going shopping when we get a bigger place and need more furniture/more crap to fill it up! And let's just say that it is probably a good thing that we don't live closer to this store because I would spend way too much money in there if we did live closer.

Have you ever been to an Ikea store? Is there one near you? Do you love this place as much as I do?


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avoiding Blogger Like the Plague

Not going to lie, I have been avoiding Blogger and this blog like the plague. Why? Well I kept thinking that even if I just came to look at everyone else's blog post that I would then feel bad about not having much to talk about. And then that would lead to me feeling crappy about myself and I really did not want to go down that path. So needless to say, I have been avoiding it all together. Sorry guys!

It is just that I haven't had much to talk about since the wedding is over and done with. Well except for those ridiculously stupid photographers, but let's not start talking about that again, because let's face it, you don't want  to hear me whine and complain about it more. I am more than fed up with it and I am just ready to be done with the whole situation. Which is why I sent off their final payment today so that I can get our pictures and be done with their stupid asses for good. Okay that is all on that.

Anyways, like I said, not much to talk about. I have a few posts in mind that I am going to try and sit down and write today so that I have something for you guys for later this week. Fingers crossed I don't have anything else to do today at work so that I can get that done!

Well lovelies, that is all that I have for you today. Again, sorry that I suck at being a blogger lately. I promise to try and post more this week.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Firm Friday: Week 5

So I suck at life and completely missed last weeks Firm Friday. Sorry guys! Work was just too hectic to be able to get on here and write about it. Even though part of me was glad because last week was a pretty craptastic week for me as far as the dieting goes.

Anywho, I am back this week and I am ready to link up with K Law from First Name Smith for Firm Fridays once again!! Here goes!!

So like I said, last week was HORRIBLE!! I had two friends and a Hubby who all had Birthdays on a different day of the week, so needless to say there were cookies and brownies consumed and it didn't do much for me on the scale. Oops!! But I got my butt back on track this week and things are starting to go well again!

I went to the gym Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday so far this week. And each time I keep telling myself that I need to kick my own butt more and more. And I am starting to find more ways to do this. Yay me! Interval running on the treadmill has kind of been my thing here recently. I burn more calories doing the intervals than if I were to just do say 30 minutes on a bike. 

My eating habits are starting to get better. And I have been coming in under my daily goal of calories almost every day. And as far as my calorie deficit goes, I have been doing pretty good with meeting that as well. Some days I am way over and some days I am barely there, but I am meeting the deficit and that is all that matters!!

The goal that I set for myself for doing the stairs at work three times a day is going okay I guess. Some days I do great, others not so much. It really has all depended on how busy I am and if I can make the time to get my butt over to the stairs. This past week however I decided to try a different approach. There is a set of stairs by the bathrooms so every time that I have to go to the bathroom I go do the stairs first because I figured if I have to go to the bathroom that badly, I will do the stairs pretty quickly. And then I go to the bathroom and then when I am done, I go do the stairs again. It's not rocket science or anything, but it seems to be working.

Another change I have made at work is that I replaced this...

with this...

It helps me to not be so lazy. With my chair I could roll anywhere. I could roll to my filing cabinets, or another section of my desk. I was just being plain lazy. But with the exercise ball, I can't really roll anywhere unless I want to fall flat on my face, so it is definitely making me get up and move around more and it helps with my posture and my core!

My new goal for this upcoming week is to really try and cut back on my sodium intake. You don't realize how much sodium you are consuming until you put it into writing. So this week I need to cut back and see if that helps me to lose any more weight. 

Okay, onto the good stuff. As far as weight goes. I haven't gained or lost any since the last Firm Friday two weeks ago. I am exactly the same. That is great since I didn't do so hot last week. I finally took some measurements a few weeks ago and now have some new measurements to compare it to. So here they are:

Starting    2/16/2012
   L    R         L   R
Arms 16.5" 16.5" Arms 15.75" 15.5"
Legs 30" 30" Legs 29" 29"
Chest 45.5" Chest 44"
Natural Waist 36.5" Natural Waist 35.5"
Waist at Belly Button 41" Waist at Belly Button 41"
Hips 50" Hips 49"
Neck 14.75" Neck 14"

So I have lost about an inch on both arms and legs. I have lost an inch and a half on my chest. Thank the lord! My chest is way too big! I have lost an inch around my natural waist, and an inch on my hips! And I have lost almost an inch around my neck.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. I need to keep working harder though if I want to win that $300 from my work for our Biggest Loser competition. I already have ideas for that money. I have to win!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So you can probably get from the title that I am disappointed. I don't even know if the word disappointed can even begin to describe how I am feeling. Just a warning, I may go into rant mode. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So I told you guys last week in this post HERE what was going on with our photographers and our wedding photos. Well, after almost an entire week, they FINALLY emailed me back. And what did they say? Well, they pretty much tried to blame everything on the people at our church and other various things. There was no give from them at all. Nothing! Let's just say there was a lot of yelling, swearing and crying on my end after reading this email.

This is probably what I looked like after reading the

I don't understand why they can't just come forward and say, "Ok, we are sorry. We messed up and let us help fix this." To me this email that I got back was them pretty much just trying to cover their asses. They know that the messed up and instead of being a professional and admitting that they screwed up, they are blaming everyone else for what they did wrong. For example, this is what they said about the bad lighting and the shadows on all of our formals;

"The major reason why the images do appear to be grainy has to do with the lack of light in the church. The Father of the church pulled (name) and (name) aside and specifically told them they were not allowed to use any flash inside the church at all, not just during the ceremony. Unfortunately with this kind of limitation combine with the dim lit church and no outside light coming, the images are going to look a bit graininig in compared to other images."

First of all, the church gave us specific guidelines in writing that we gave to these two photographers. In the guidelines it specifically says that commercial flash units are distracting and to not be used at anytime during the ceremony. That is it. It doesn't say that you can't use them after the ceremony and I know for a fact that the Father that married us would not have told them otherwise because he is a very by the book person. He may have said something about not using the flash during the ceremony, but he wouldn't have cared if they used it afterward because he wasn't even there during that time. Also, if they were good photographers, they would have been able to get great shots without using a flash. And to make my point even more, all of the photos that were taken during the ceremony without flash in the same location look great. There is nothing wrong with them. So again, I ask how did they mess these particular pictures up so badly?

At this point I don't even know where to go with this. It took everything that I had last night not to write back with a bitch email. And it is still taking everything I have not to. I don't know if I should just say screw it and ask for our final invoice so that I can get the discs with our pictures. Or should I keep fighting it and try to get them to lower the price for us? I really don't feel comfortable paying what we owe them considering that they didn't do their job the way that they should have. I am starting to think at this point that they probably won't do crap anyways. They obviously don't care to have happy customers because I am definitely not happy and I have expressed that and they do not feel the need to try and do anything to fix it.

Oh don't worry though, once I do have those discs in hand, the wedding websites are going to blow up with the reviews that I give them. It won't be pretty. Nor will I EVER recommend them to anyone that I know. Maybe they should have thought about that before they decided they wouldn't do anything. Especially considering that I know at least two people that are planning weddings right now and had they done a good job, I definitely would have recommended them, but definitely will not now. Word of mouth and reviews on those sites are big in this industry. Sucks for them!

Either way our pictures will not be what I want them to be and there isn't anything I can do about it. I think the reason that this is so hard for me is because first of all, pictures are what you look back on to really remember your big day and now for me, every time that I look at them, I get upset about what they didn't do or messed up on. Also, my family all being in one place at the same time and actually being cordial with each other is something that doesn't happen often or actually ever! And the fact that the only pictures documenting this HUGE accomplishment for my family are the ones that are messed up is very heart breaking.

This whole issue is a really hard thing to push past but I will have to do it. I need to just think about the shots that we did get and that we are married now and that is what is important. It is a lot easier said then done though. I am however going to have more pictures taken of me and my dress by a completely different photographer. Hopefully this will help with that feeling of disappointment.

Thanks again for reading guys. I really appreciate all the support that you guys have given me on this subject. Without you guys and your comments, I may have gone crazy and started thinking that I was being unreasonable, but you guys have been amazing at assuring me that I was very much right in what I have been feeling over this issue. Thanks again guys and have a great day and hopefully my next few posts will be a tad happier than these past few.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Month

One month ago today I married my best friend. One month ago today, I took that walk down the aisle as a single lady and came out of that church a married lady! I can't believe that it has already been a month. It doesn't seem like it has been that long. Married life is already flying by. Before you know it we will be having babies, BUT not anytime soon guys. (Cassie and Vero, don't be getting any ideas, this is still a few years off! Haha!)

Everyone keeps asking me how it feels to be married and to be honest, it doesn't really feel any different to me. I think this is partially due to the fact that we lived together for over a year before we got married. So now the only difference is some legal papers. I mean I haven't even had to introduce Aran to anyone has my husband yet. I think once I actually get to do that, it might feel more real. However, I do like telling Aran that what's his is mine now, especially when it is really delicious and yummy food, haha!

Aside from being married for a month now, a few other things have been going on lately. Sadly on Sunday we received a phone call that my Grandpa, my mom's father, had passed away. It is really sad, and although I didn't know him that well, I still am sad that now I don't have the opportunity to really know him at all. RIP Grandpa Butch. You will be missed and I really do wish that I would have known you better.

And now for some happy news. Tomorrow is the hubby's Birthday!! Another year older!! We aren't doing much for his Birthday, but he did decide that he wanted me to make cookies and brownies for him instead of cake. Talk about tempting me while I am on a diet. I mean you have to sample what you bake right? I mean what if it doesn't taste good? Haha! I will be sample testing these said cookies and brownies.

Well, that is all that I have for today guys. I am still waiting to hear back from our photographers about the whole situation we are in. As soon as I found out anything though, I will update you guys. Thank you so much for all of your comments on the particular post. Sometimes I feel like I am being unreasonable and you  guys have helped to assure me that I am definitely not being unreasonable. Thanks again everyone and I hope that you guys are having a great week so far.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Firm Fridays: Week 3

It is time for Firm Fridays with K Law from First Name Smith

This past week had it's ups and downs. I will admit that I was just being plain lazy some days, but then others I kicked my butt into gear. 

Let's start with last Friday. I told you guys I was going to the gym that night. Well, that didn't happen, haha! I ended up having to watch my nieces so I skipped the gym. 

I ran out of time on Saturday to go to the gym before they closed.

Sunday I had to watch my nieces again and I had already made plans for after that to meet up with a friend in town so again, I failed to get to the gym. Oops!

Monday however was a different story. I went to the gym with Lou and we worked out together.

Tuesday I took the day off. I was exhausted from the weekend I think.

Wednesday I went and did a circuit work out that kicked my bootay!! It was an awesome workout and I am still sore!!

Last night we got some bad weather so we didn't want to venture out on the slick roads and tonight might just be the same. It is still snowing and it isn't supposed to let up until later tonight I believe.

Overall as far as eating goes though, I did really well! The only day that wasn't so great was last Sunday and that is because we went out to eat. I tried to pick one of the healthier menu options but I'm sure it still wasn't the best for me. Oh well! I will have to do better next time.

I did really well with the goal that I set for myself of not drinking diet soda. I didn't have a single one!! I am going to try to continue with that goal this upcoming week, but I am also setting a new goal for myself and that is to do the stairs at least three times a day at work. 

So on to the good stuff. I did finally take my measurements but of course I forgot them at home. Fail on my part again!! But, I did take them so if there is any change next week, I will share them with you. 

As far as poundage goes, I am down another pound, so that is 7 lbs. so far. Whooo hooo!!! Not too shabby! 

My only concern for this weekend is the Super Bowl. We are going to my Uncles house so I need to make sure that I bring some healthy snacks because otherwise I will probably eat like total crap on a cracker. Here is to hoping that I can have a little bit of self control this weekend and keep the weight coming off! 

Have a great day everyone and remember if you join in on Firm Fridays, make sure you go link up at K Law's blog!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Here's the Dealio...

You guys may remember that about a week after our wedding I was having a huge issue with the photographs that I knew had been forgotten on the big day. Well, come to find out I shouldn't have been so upset about those missing because little did I know that all of those formals were going to end up being a much bigger problem.

Okay, so I should probably explain what is going on. So last week we got an email from our photographers saying that our photo's were ready for the online client proofing. I immediately rushed to the website to look at them. We looked at picture after picture and the more that we looked at the more I was starting to fall in love with them and all of those worries went out the door and then it all came to a screeching halt.

I had gotten to the formals. The ones I was already upset about because they didn't get any of just me or any of just Aran. Well, let's just say that they sucked. And badly. The lighting on them was horrible. There are shadows all over everyone's face and in almost every single one of them, I look like a freaking raccoon because of the shadows under my eyes. A raccoon!! So much for looking absolutely amazing on this day, because it definitely didn't happen in these.

The part that I don't understand is how can every single other picture look absolutely amazing except for that set of pictures? And those are some of the most important ones of the day. How could they not tell that they weren't coming out very well? Isn't that their job? All that they would have had to do was move us a few steps or move their flash or something and this all could have been avoided. As much as I have tried I just can't push past this and I am about to go Bridezilla on the photographers right now.

A few other things that are really bothering me are the fact that there are other photos that should have been taken by them but weren't. Like pictures of all of our bouquets! And a full picture of our wishing tree and the chalkboard photo booth sign that I worked so freaking hard on! Not a single photo! Oh and what about those pictures of me diving into my dress? Or of our Mom's lighting the Unity Candle. Luckily a friend of mine did get a few pics of our Mom's doing this so she saved the day there.

And how did they manage to only get two photos of me that are posed and not candid? Just two? Are you kidding me? Ugh!!!!! I can't handle it anymore. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to be upset but when I think about it, I can't help it. I am so upset with how the whole situation played out and I just don't know what to do.

Now, I have contacted them and asked if we could work out doing a Bridal portrait session so that I do have more pics of me in my dress. We didn't pay $1300 for that thing to just look pretty in the closet after all. Why not look for an excuse to wear it again? I may even have Aran get dressed up again. Obviously he wouldn't have the same suite on but we could get pretty close.

Okay, sorry for having to vent like this to you guys. It is just a tough and frustrating situation to have to deal with and I really hope that none of  you have to go through anything like this with your photographers. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!! It would be different if we weren't paying for this, but we are, so I expect it to be a certain way. I don't think that I am asking too much.

Thanks for listening and if you have any advice please feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks guys!