Favorite Recipes

These are some of my favorite recipes. I will update the page as I find new ones that have become favorites. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do. 

Cinnamon Apples

This is a very yummy and easy recipe that you can use as a side dish or as an accent for desert.  I personally like to top Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with these yummy cinnamon apples.

You will need:
2-3 Apples
2 tbsp Ground Cinnamon
1 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Butter

Start by peeling the apples. Once you have them peeled, cut them into slices. Then heat your pan on medium heat and add your butter to the pan. Once the butter has melted, add your apples, cinnamon and sugar and mix them all together until every apple looks like it is coated. Then place a lid over the pan and cook on medium high heat for about fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the lid from the pan and allow them to cook a few minutes longer or until they are soft. Once they are soft, they are ready to eat!

Oreo Truffles

This is another very easy recipe, but it is a little time consuming. These are great for office parties. My co-workers now demand that I bring these to all of our office parties.

You will need:
1 Package of Oreo's
1 Block of Cream Cheese
2-3 Packages of Melting Chocolate (depends on the type of chocolate and how many you make)

Start by grinding the Oreo's in a food processor. Once they are completely ground up, add the block of cream cheese and blend together until completely blended. It should be a tacky consistency. Then roll the dough into balls and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours so that they can harden. Once they have been refrigerated, dip them in melting chocolate and place them back in the fridge for the chocolate to harden. Once they have cooled, they are ready to eat. I like to place toothpicks in them once they are done so that they are easier to pick up. Enjoy!!

Hot Dog Mush

Yes, I know it sounds disgusting, but it is actually delicious.

You will need:
A package of Hot Dogs
2 Eggs

Start by cutting your potatoes. I usually cube mine, but you can cut them into slices as well. Put a little bit of butter or oil, whichever you like, in a pan on about medium heat. Let it get warm and then add your potatoes. I usually add seasoning salt to mine to give them some good flavor. Let them cook until they are nice and soft and have a nice golden color to some of them, but make sure that you are turning them occasionally so that they do not burn. Next slice your hot dogs up into big chunks and then add them to the potatoes. Let them cook for a little while so they they can warm up. Next you take your two eggs and add them to the potatoes and the hot dogs. You can do this two ways. I usually just crack them in and just start mixing them in right away. But, you can also crack them into a different bowl first and mix them up and then add them. Once the eggs are done, the meal is done too. Enjoy!