Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding Band Shopping

This past Saturday, Aran and I decided to go look at wedding bands. We knew where we were going to go and about how much we were going to spend on them too. But what we weren't planning on, was buying them three months out from the wedding. We had originally talked about waiting until December so that we wouldn't have to worry about the payments until after we were done with the wedding. 

Aran bought my engagement ring from Helzberg last September and when we bought it they had a deal going on that if you purchased the ring using a Helzberg credit card, there was no interest for a year(yep, I got to pick my ring out!) So after picking out the ring we figured out how much he would have to pay each month for us to have that puppy paid off in a year so that we wouldn't have to pay any interest on it. When we figured it out, it was very doable. So we applied for the card and put my engagement ring on it and just finished paying it off within the last month.

My engagement ring

It sparkles!!

Two weeks ago we went in to have the 6 month service done on my ring where they clean it and check the prongs and all of that good stuff. While we were there, Janelle, the lady that has been helping us and who has been helping Aran's parents for years, told us that the same deal was currently going on and that it was over at the end of September. So, we decided it was probably best to buy them now so that we wouldn't have to pay the interest charges.

So we went last weekend to pick out our bands. I pretty much knew which band I was going to pick out for my ring because when we had been looking at my engagement ring they had shown us an option of a band that looked amazing with my ring so my mind was pretty made up already. Aran on the other hand I was not sure what he was going to get. We had looked a couple months ago and he had picked out a ring for himself but, I had a feeling that he was going to change his mind though.

When we looked at his band again, we realized it was just too big for his finger. Aran has long skinny fingers so we wanted to make sure that the ring wasn't going to look ridiculously huge on him. So after looking for about twenty minutes and going back and forth between two or three rings, he finally picked out the one that he wanted. And the winner is...

Via the Helzberg Website

So we went ahead and ordered his band in the size he needed (we got the call yesterday saying that it was already in and it was ready to be picked up) and my band actually came straight home with me because we are waiting to have it sized until we send in my engagement ring with it to have them put together. Do you want to see my band? Okay, you twisted my arm enough, haha! Here it is...

So pretty! Except for the chipped nail polish, haha!

Sorry to make you wait, but you won't get to see the engagement ring and the band together until after the wedding or maybe the week of. I have to leave some things a surprise! 

How far in advance did you buy your bands? Did you and your significant other pick out your own bands? Or was it a surprise?


Thursday, September 29, 2011


I told you guys about the adorable glitter flats that I found on that I ordered for the wedding. Well they came in the mail today. I was so excited I couldn't wait to try them on. Well, they didn't fit so now I am super disappointed.

Shoes I ordered from Zappos 

I ordered an 8 because according to the size chart on zappos, they would fit. Of course they don't have the next size up either. I can order the next size up from the actual designer and they are the same price, but part of the problem with the shoes is that they aren't wide enough. So, I am not sure what to do. I am definitely returning the ones I ordered from Zappos. But, I am not sure if I should order the next size up because I'm worried that they won't be wide enough.

Now I have found another pair on Ebay that are a different brand and are the same pink and they are actually a little bit cheaper than the ones that I originally bought. And they have half sizes too. Again though, I don't know if they are going to be wide enough. They look wider than the other ones but who knows.

The new ones I found

I am leaning towards ordering the ones on Ebay. I am just not sure what to do. What do you guys think? Should I order the ones I found on Ebay? Or should I just give up on the pink flats?


100 Days & Counting

According to my Wedding Wire account, we have exactly 100 days until the wedding! Oh my gosh! Every time I think about it all I can do is think about everything that we still have to do. And then I get overwhelmed. Gee, I wonder why? Haha! I have really been trying to finish as much as I can now so that when it comes down to crunch time, I am not freaking out about how much I have to do.

Via my Wedding Wire Account

Here in the next few weeks our invitations will be going out and that will be a HUGE relief. I really can't wait until those are in the mail and we start getting responses. But then comes the worry of are we going to be getting more people coming then we had really planned for? I have come to decided that the whole invitation process is a love/hate relationship. You hate looking for invites because you can't find what you want, but then when you do find the ones, you love them. But then you hate having to put all of them together and getting them addressed, and buying postage because those tiny little squares with adhesive on the back are expensive. And then when you actually get them in the mail and out of your hands and into your guests hands, you love them again! It's a vicious cycle I tell ya!

There are a few things that I am looking forward to in the next month or so though. My pink glitter flats that I ordered are out for delivery so I should be receiving those after work! Eeek! I am way excited to try those babies on! Something non wedding related, my Scotty McCreery CD will be here on Monday! I pre-ordered that a few months ago and have been looking forward to it ever since! I found new favor boxes for our Candy Buffet and I got an email saying that they shipped today so we should have those by the end of next week. I can't wait to share those with you guys. My Bridal shower is coming up towards the end of October and not only that, but we are also having our tasting at the end of October as well.

Needless to say, these next few months are going to be pretty hectic, especially with the holidays and my birthday and some family birthdays thrown in there. But, I can say that I am looking forward to a lot of things and I'm looking forward to getting a lot of things done.

Have you hit your 100 day mark? If you already have, how were you feeling at that point?


Monday, September 26, 2011

Favor Box Fail

Tonight I started working on our favor boxes. I wanted to change the ribbon color so they had a little bit more color to them. Well, we started assembling them and quickly realized that a) they are going to be too small for some of the candy that we picked out and b) they just didn't want to stay together very well. I am worried that they aren't sturdy enough to hold the candy.

So now I am on the hunt again for favor boxes. Any suggestions for something sturdy and affordable and a decent size?

Wedding Hair Styles

So today I called and scheduled my hair and make up trial with the lady that cuts my hair. We set the appointment up for the 3rd of December. I know that seems like a long ways out, but really it is only a little over two months away. With that being said, I have started the search for what I want my hair to look like on the big day.

Of course I started where most people do, Google Image Search. I typed in "Wedding Hairstyles" and began looking. For some reason, one style has popped out at me a few different times and oddly enough each time it was Carrie Underwood who was sporting the hair do. Granted, two of the pictures are the "same" just different angles, but I have fallen in love with this hair do. And apparently so has Carrie Underwood!


Side view of the same hair do above

Slightly different

Now, the hairstyles aren't exactly the same, but they have the same overall look. I am seriously thinking that this is the hairstyle that I will be sporting on the day of the wedding, but with a few changes here and there. Who knows! I still have two months and knowing me I may change my mind by the time that the appointment rolls around. 

What do you guys think of the hair? Where did you find your inspiration?


To-Do List Update

After a long and somewhat relaxing weekend, I am back at work. I took Friday off as kind of a mental health day/I needed to get stuff done for the wedding day/I needed some sleep. Well, plans changed a little on Thursday night but not too much. Long story short, Aran and I ended up heading up to his parents house on Thursday night instead of Friday night like we had planned. He was going fishing with his Dad on Friday and had to be up there early so we decided that I would go too and that I would just take all of my things up with me that I wanted to get done. So here is my list of things that I was planning on getting done on Friday;

  • Sleeping In!!!!!! Yep, I am putting it on my to-do list, haha! (I slept in till 10:30!!)
  • Call our reception venue to let them know what menu we have decided on for our tasting(Oops! I forgot to do this! I will be doing this today!)
  • Cutting Ribbon for Wishing Tree Tags and attaching them to the tags
  • Cutting Ribbon to finish assembling our Invitations
  • Cutting out circles of fabric to start working on fabric flowers for various attendant gifts
  • A trip to Hobby Lobby to find stuff to make the Photo Booth sign and probably to buy more ribbon
  • Finding a basket for the wishing tree tags(I looked but didn't find what I was looking for)
  • Start working on the signs for the Candy Buffet
  • Cutting ribbon for our favor boxes(Definitely forgot about this one!)

I put a pretty good dent in this list. I even had Aran helping me, haha! Hopefully I can get more of these things done in the next few weeks so that when it comes down to crunch time, I am not running around with my head cut off. I don't want to be Bridezilla, haha! 

Oddly enough we actually ended up getting a few other things done this weekend too. We decided on all of the candy that we will be using for our Candy Buffet. We picked out and BOUGHT our wedding bands! I was way excited about this one! Aran's Mom and I found some place cards at Hobby Lobby that we liked. (50% off all Bridal stuff at Hobby Lobby this week!) Our invitations are in the process of being addressed and we attended and finished one of the last few marriage prep classes that we had to take. 

Overall, I would say it was a pretty productive weekend! How was everyone else's weekend?


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Plans

Today is my Friday! Hooray! Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in first of all. I have not been sleeping very well so it will be much needed. I also plan on tackling some more of the things on my to-do list for the wedding. Mostly DIY type stuff, but this list seems to be getting longer and not shorter. Not sure how that is possible, but hopefully tomorrow will help me to put a pretty good dent in it.

Here is what is on the list for tomorrow:

  • Sleeping In!!!!!! Yep, I am putting it on my to-do list, haha!
  • Call our reception venue to let them know what menu we have decided on for our tasting
  • Cutting Ribbon for Wishing Tree Tags and attaching them to the tags
  • Cutting Ribbon to finish assembling our Invitations
  • Cutting out circles of fabric to start working on fabric flowers for various attendant gifts
  • A trip to Hobby Lobby to find stuff to make the Photo Booth sign and probably to buy more ribbon
  • Finding a basket for the wishing tree tags
  • Start working on the signs for the Candy Buffet
  • Cutting ribbon for our favor boxes

Some other things that I am really wanting to get started on are our wedding programs and possibly some menu cards. Do you guys have any suggestions for how I should do those? Are there websites that have free templates? Or should I order them through a website? What do you guys think? I would love to hear what you are going to do for yours.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I know that mine will be busy again. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Signs & The Finished Product

 I love making things. I love being creative and seeing the finished product. It is just something that I have always loved to do. So when I bought the Bird Cage card holder, which you can read about here, I decided that I wanted to make a cute sign to put on the front of it so that our guests would know what it was for. The sign ended up turning out better then I thought it was going to. So now, I have decided to share with you guys how I made this sign so that you can make them as well if they are something that you have been looking to do. Here goes...

  • Card stock in color of your choice
  • Fun shape to trace
  • Possibly a scanner/printer
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Photo squares
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Alphabet stickers or a stencil

  • First start off by finding a fun shape that you would like to use for the sign. I actually used a shape that I got off of my Vera Bradley Planner. I had kept this little ribbon thing attached to the front cover of my planner because I really liked the shape of the little tag on it. I am glad that I did because I realized that it was the shape that I had been wanting to use for signs but couldn't find anywhere. So I traced it on paper and then had Aran copy it on our printer and make it bigger. 

  • Then I cut out the bigger shape and traced it onto the paper that I was wanting to use. 

  • Then I cut it out.

  • Once I had it cut out, I put my ribbon together. I wanted to use two different colors of ribbon so I found a thicker pink ribbon that I liked and then a smaller brown ribbon with a pattern on it. I centered the brown ribbon in the middle of the pink ribbon and I used photo squares(pretty much double sided stick squares) to pretty much glue the ribbons together without having huge bulges from glue. 

  • Once I had the ribbon put together, I attached it to one side of the sign using the photo squares again. Then I took the ribbon and wrapped it all the way around the bird cage to make sure that I had the right length of ribbon before I cut it. 
  • Once I knew how much ribbon I needed, I cut my ribbon to the right length.
  • I went ahead and attached my letters to the sign so that it read "CARDS." I bought puffy alphabet stickers from Archiver's, but you could use a stencil too and cut out the letters from another color of card stock that matches.

  • I then started to attach it to the bird cage. I did this by first attaching the sign on the front of the cage where I wanted it. Make sure you only attach one side though so that you can put your ribbon underneath the other side as you bring it around.I did this with a little bit of hot glue. 
  • Once the sign was where i wanted it, I started attaching the ribbon around the cage. I did this with a little drop of hot glue on each small bar on the cage. 

  • When I got to the front, I finished putting the ribbon on with hot glue, and then I attached the other side of the sign over the top of the ribbon. This made it look like a solid band going all the way around. 
  • Once this is finished, you are done.
Completed look

Side view

I am also planning on using the same shape to make the smaller signs for each of our candy jars so that our guests know what candy they can choose from.

I hope that you guys can find this useful. If you are confused about any of the steps that I have listed or just have questions in general, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me @


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reader Email and Some Amazing Shoes

This morning I received an email. This email absolutely made my day and I wanted to share it with all of you!

This email seriously made my day! I was so excited when I read this mainly because it makes me feel great that my posts are actually a)being read, haha and b)helpful! Thanks Vanessa for taking the time to let me know that you found my post helpful! 

I actually received quite a few comments on this post and I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who commented on this post and told me how helpful and useful they found it. I love my readers and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. This blogging thing has really turned into something that I never really imagined it would. And I owe that to my followers. You guys are awesome! And if you aren't sure which post I am talking about, you can read it here.

Now, before I start going off an en emotional tangent, I have to tell you guys about these shoes that I just found! I thought that I had found my shoes for my dress. Well, I was wrong. Okay, so let me back up for a second. When I first thought about what kind of shoes I wanted to wear with my wedding dress, I knew they had to be flats and I also knew that I wanted them to be pink. And I mean PINK!! I wanted to have a fun splash of color under my dress. Well, those shoes proved to be very difficult to find. I even tried making my own, but they just didn't work out the way that I wanted them too. So, I found a pair of glitter flats in a silverish color. I found them at Target for $13. I couldn't pass that up. I even took these shoes to try on my dress when it came in. I figured those were the shoes that I would be wearing and I would just have to love it. 

Well, the shoe and Wedding Gods must have been trying to tell me something today because today I got a wild hair to go look at the Zappos website. I don't even know why, I just felt like I needed to. I started searching by narrowing down my selection to pink flats and I found these beauties...

Via Zappos Website

I am in love!!! They are from Call It Spring and they are called Esparaza. They are perfect! They are everything that I was initially looking for but couldn't find and did I mention they were only $29.99? Music to my ears!! I already placed my order and I am expecting them by the end of the week! I can't wait to try them on and especially with my dress! I think it was love at first sight and that they were meant to be!

Did you know instantly that the shoes you picked out were the ones? 


Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on the Weekend Wedding Madness

Well, it is Monday which means back to work...meh! I am slowly realizing that it is getting harder and harder to concentrate at work as the wedding gets closer and closer. What am I going to do when the countdown goes from months to weeks? It is going to be very difficult, but we are getting ready to head into busy season, so hopefully I will have enough  work to keep my mind occupied. Anyways, on Friday I told you guys that we had a long list of non-wedding and wedding things to do this weekend. So here is an update on how all of that went.

First up on Saturday was our cake tasting. Let me just say that by the time I left there I felt like I was in a sugar coma. We tried so many different cakes that I am caked out for a while. I don't even want to think about another piece of cake for a couple of months. However, we did decide on the flavors that we would be using in our cake. Our main cake has three tiers and we picked out a different flavor for each of those. The winners were a vanilla cake with vanilla mousse, red velvet cake with cream cheese, and a cake that is called an elodie(pronounced l-o-d), and it is a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. We also picked out a flavor for Aran's Grooms cake. I let him make this decision, well because it is his cake. He picked out Tiramisu. Yummy!   We also talked about what we wanted the cake to look like and what colors and everything. Once all of the details were hashed out, we put down our deposit and we were done. This picture is essentially what our cake is going to look like, but where there is orange, put pink and teal instead and not only that but we are going to have the column tiers in between and they will be covered in fresh flowers! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Via Wedding Wire Picture Gallery

Before we went to 5:00 mass on Saturday we picked up our invitations! They are gorgeous! I am in love with them and I can not wait to get them in the mail so that I can show you guys. The guy that did them, did an amazing job and I am so glad that we did not settle for something that was just okay. When we got home on Sunday night I was very eager to start assembling them. I have all of them stuffed with the Reception card, the RSVP card and the RSVP envelope. I only have about 20 or so with the actual invitation attached. I ran out of the mounting squares that I was using so I had to wait till I could get more. Luckily, I picked some up at lunch today, so tonight the mass assembly of them will continue! 

After mass we headed to Park Meadows which is one of the big malls in that area. We had three things to do while were were there and somehow I managed to squeeze one more in, haha! First we went to Helzberg to have the 6 month maintenance on my ring done. We also discussed with Janelle, the lady who sold us my engagement ring and who we absolutely love, our wedding bands. We picked out which one we are purchasing for me and and we also talked about when we should buy them. Well, of course they are doing a deal right now where if we were to buy our bands before the end of this month and we put them on our Helzberg card, that we wouldn't have to pay interest on them for a year. That is what we did with my engagement ring and Aran just finished paying it off this month, so it looks like he and I both have more payments coming in our near future!

Next up was Williams Sonoma to do our last registry. Pretty much the same deal as BBB but with a whole lot less to choose from. It was a lot more fun this time and it wasn't as overwhelming, and not only that, but I got to do the scanner this time, haha! The only thing that really bothered me about our registry there was that anytime that you scanned something, you had to walk towards the back of the store so that the scanner could pick it up. Apparently their sensor was in the back of the store and in the stock room, so it was kind of a pain, but we made do. 

Once we were done there, we were supposed to go to the Lego store to get a gift card for my cousin for his Birthday and also so that Aran could look around a little bit. Well, I managed to make one stop before that for me, the Coach store! Long story short, when I graduated from College my Aunt and Uncle bought me a Coach purse. I ended up returning it because it was white and well, I don't do well with white. I ended up getting this adorable pink Poppy purse that I loved. Well within a few months of having it, the fabric started fraying and it looked terrible. I took it back and exchanged it for a similar one that was black. I loved this purse even more than the pink one. Well, I had had that one for about a year and during that year, it did the exact same thing. And I really took care of these purses too. They didn't go on the floor, they were either hanging up or sitting on a clean surface. So, I took that purse back in after having it for a little over a year and again the people were like okay, we will exchange it, just pick out a new one that you want! YES!!!! So I picked out this beautiful purse...

I'm in love!!

After that we did finally go to the Lego store where Aran tried to convince me that $400 for a Lego set that had over 5000 pieces and ended up being around four feet long when assembled was a great deal. This was his selling point, "That is like $100 per foot, that is a great deal!" Sorry honey, but I don't by that for a second, haha! After what seemed like an eternity in the Lego store(it was probably only about 15 minutes), we finally were done at Park Meadows and heading back to Aran's parents house for dinner.

Sunday we went to my Uncles and watched some football and celebrated my cousin's birthday. We were supposed to have an appointment with a potential DJ at 4:30 but decided to reschedule that for a time that Aran's dad could come. So we spent most of the day at my Uncles and just hanging out with the family. It was a much needed break from the craziness that had gone on the rest of the weekend. 

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. We got quite a few things done. I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  What did you guys do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?


Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Wedding Madness

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend is packed full of wedding to-do's along with other non-wedding related to do's. Here is our list for the weekend:


  • At 1:00 we are meeting with the bakery that is doing our cake.
  • Pick up our invitations. They are done being printed! Eeek!!
  • Set up our Williams Sonoma Registry. I already have a list made up for this one. Fingers crossed that it isn't as overwhelming.
  • My ring is due for it's six month maintenance and cleaning(I still need to find the paperwork. It is buried after moving this summer, oops!)
  • A trip to the Lego Store to get my cousin a birthday present.(Aran is especially excited for this one, especially since I told him he could look around while we were there. Some days you would think he was a little kid!)
  • Mass @ 5:00
  • My cousin's birthday party @ 12:30
  • Meeting our potential DJ @ 4:30
Somewhere in all of this madness, I need to do some laundry as well and we need to discuss what food we want to have at our tasting and I am sure I have a few other things that I need to do. Oh, and did I mention that we have to drive like an hour to go do all of these things because we live an hour away from where we are having our wedding. So lets throw in about two hours of driving into that schedule. Needless to say, we have a very busy weekend ahead of us. Wish us luck and let's hope that by the end of this weekend I am not pulling my hair out and that I don't look like this...

Found via Google Image Search

Sheesh! Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Giveaway from Kristen at All in My Twenties

Happy Thursday everyone! I wanted to let you guys know about another giveaway that is going on. Kristen from All In My Twenties is having a giveaway for reaching 1000 followers. She has some awesome prize options that if you win, you get to choose which one you want. Some of the options are watches from Michael Kors, a Nike Gift Card,  and a Flip Camera just to mention a few. For the official rules on this giveaway, you must read this post here and then go to her actual giveaway post that she posted today to enter. You can find that one here. Hurry though, you only have 24 hours to enter.

Make sure you stick around and check out her blog. She has an awesome blog and always has fun and interesting posts! Good luck everyone!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway for a Great Cause

If you love Scentsy as much as I do, then you should head on over to Savanah's blog, What Makes Savanah Smile. She is holding an amazing giveaway for $40 worth of Scentsy product. She decided to do this giveaway because the consultant for Scentsy that she is buying from is donating all of her profits from this Scentsy fundraiser to help a family who's Grandmother was just diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

This hits home for me because my Grandmother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last December and not even three weeks later passed away from it. This is a great thing that they are doing. So if you are interested in more information or would like to help their cause, please visit Savanah's blog.


Fall Is Here!!!

Here in Colorado within the past week or so, the temperatures have been dropping more and more each day. No complaints here! I love this cooler weather. It makes me so excited because I know that Fall is finally approaching. I love fall and everything that comes with it. I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing, all of the adorable fall decorations for the home, and many more things that come along with this amazing season of the year.

Something that really lets me know that Fall is here is the return of the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino from Starbucks! Can you say yum? Oh my gosh, just thinking about it makes me want one so bad. It took everything that I had today to not turn around and go back into the Safeway that I was at on my lunch break today and walk straight back to the Starbucks. And I mean EVERYTHING I had, haha!

Via the Starbucks Website

The tree outside of my office window's leaves are already changing too! Every time I look outside, I see more and more color! I think the trees changing are one of my absolute things each year. They just look so beautiful. 

Best picture I could get of the tree without going
outside and getting wet. Sorry about the pink phone, haha!

One of the last things that really lets me know that fall is here, is the return of Football and the start of our Fantasy Football League. Every year, my family along with a few of my Uncle's friends do a Fantasy Football League. We do a live draft and everything. The entire week before our drafts, I will be doing nothing but reading up on who I should pick and who I shouldn't. Then I outline who I want on my team with  at least four or five back ups because lets face it, you never get everyone that you want. I mean everyone is picking from the same list of people, so chances are the player that you want is also on someone else's list. This year's league has gotten off to an amazing start for me so far! That's right, 1-0 baby! 

I know it is hard to see, but  I won 141 to 113 the first week!

Like I said, I love everything about Fall and I can't wait to see what else it has in store for us in the coming weeks. Looks like I need to start looking for my Fall decorations now too! Hope everyone else is having awesome Fall weather and enjoying it as much as I am.


Card Holder

Something that I knew I definitely wanted at the reception was a card holder. I have seen some pretty cute ones before at other people's weddings and then I have seen people not even use them. I decided that I definitely wanted to have one more for my own piece of mind than anything. I worry about someone trying to take off with something like that. I feel like there is less of a chance of someone walking off with some cards if they are in something that actually closes. I know, that seems like something that you shouldn't worry about, but I worry about EVERYTHING. Just ask everyone I know. And I would hope that one of our guests wouldn't do that, but at the same time, you never know.

Anyways, I couldn't decide what I wanted to use. I had seen the cake looking ones that people sometimes have and I decided that it wasn't for me. So I wanted to find something a little smaller and something that would be fun. Enter the bird cage. A while back I posted about a few things that I had found at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section. The bird cage was one of them. So when Hobby Lobby had their 50% off sale for their wedding stuff, I jumped at the chance to buy the bird cage. With it being 50% off, I actually only spent $10 on this birdcage and I couldn't be more pleased.

Via Hobby Lobby Website

I decided that the birdcage by itself though wasn't enough. So I am going to spruce it up a little by adding a cute little sign that reads "Cards" so that our guests actually know what it is for. I'm also thinking about adding a ribbon to the top of the cage where the little handle is, but I am not sure yet. I will play with that and see how it works. I have already started on the sign, but I am looking for the right letters to put on their so once I have found those, I will let you guys see the final product. I will also do a little tutorial on how I made the sign. So be on the lookout for that HOPEFULLY soon!

Did you decide to have a card holder at your wedding? What did you decide to use for one if you did?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bridesmaid Jewelry-Moon River Pearls

For the past few months I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should buy jewelry for my wedding party. I'm not one to pick jewelry out for others, because I am never positive that they will like it. So normally, I just don't buy jewelry for people. Well, I had finally decided that I would look and see what I could find and see if it was something that I thought would look great with their dresses and if it was something that I thought that they would like.

One day I happen to be looking at Tiffany from The Bride-onicles of a Soon to be Bride's blog and something  caught my eye. On the right hand side bar of her blog she had a title that read "Don't Miss Out" so of course I wanted to read what I shouldn't be missing out on. She then began to explain that you could save 20% off of your order at Moon River Pearls for your bridal jewelry by entering the code BRIDE at checkout. I had never heard of the place so I decided to take a look.

Once I was on the site, I went to the necklaces and within five minutes found two that I absolutely loved. But, I couldn't pick just one, so I asked a few people and I got a different answer from each one. That didn't help, so I decided to let my bridal party pick which one they wanted. I sent each one of them the pictures of the two necklaces and asked them which they liked better. I am very glad that I did this because I had three girls that liked one and two that liked the other. Both of the necklaces were the same price, so I decided to just order them what they each wanted.

Upon further investigation of the site, I found a page that had all of the companies promotions on it. I found a coupon code for 25% off my entire order if it was ordered before September 30th. So I decided to use that coupon instead of the bride one because it saved me more money. Also, they offer free ground shipping with  every order. And that in itself saves you money as well. And they are very quick to get things to you. I ordered them on a Monday and I had them by Saturday of that same week, even with Hurricane Irene causing them to not have a phone or internet. That is some awesome customer service if you ask me!

I am sure you guys are wondering what they look like huh? Okay, I will show you, especially since each girl has already seen what they look like, haha! Here they are:

Via Moon River Pearls Website

Via Moon River Pearls Website

Once I actually had these in hand, I was very satisfied with the quality of them. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to give them to my bridal party and to see them with their dresses. I highly recommend this company and I hope that you can find something that you love from them. They really are a great company.

Did you buy jewelry for your bridal party? Was it hard deciding what to get everyone?