Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I will be celebrating by drinking out of my Halloween cup and Skeleton straw, haha! I hope you have a great day! Be safe out there! 


Honeymoon Day 2

On day 2 of our Honeymoon, we woke up around 7:00 am and started getting ourselves ready for the day. We made breakfast, made sure we had everything we needed i.e. tickets, cameras, sunscreen, etc, and then we were out the door by 8:15 am. We didn't know how long it would take us to get where we were going, so we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time. So where was our first stop you ask?

Disney World's Animal Kingdom!!!!!!!!

I know it isn't the best park that they have, or the funnest one, but since our first day at Disney World was a Saturday, we figured that it would be the least busy. And we were absolutely right on that! We didn't have to wait in line for hardly anything!

Once we got into the park, our first stop was in Africa. If you haven't been to Animal Kingdom, the park is divided up into different areas, some are countries and others are places like Dinoland U.S.A. There was really only one ride/attraction that we wanted to go on in the Africa part of the park, and that was the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition. Prior to going, we were told that we should do that attraction first because the animals are usually awake and out in the morning, so we headed over and waited in line for maybe 15 minutes. 

I think my favorite part of the safari was the giraffes. Not sure why, just really liked them. It was a fun little ride. I wish it would have been longer, but we liked it and we got to see some cool animals up close.

After Africa and the safari, we headed over to Asia. Again, there was really only one thing that we wanted to do in the Asia part of the park. Our first real ride, Everest Expedition! Again, our wait time was minimal and this ride was awesome!!! If you like roller coasters, this is definitely a ride for you! We also walked around a little bit just to look at everything like the Tree of Life and the Jungle Trek that they have in the park.

Once we were done in Asia, we headed over to Dinoland U.S.A. This area of the park was more for little kids. They had a carnival like area set up with games and rides that were all dinosaur related. We did get to meet Pluto and Goofey there though! They were my first ever character meeting and I was really excited! We also rode one of the rides that was geared more towards an older crowd. It was called Dinosaur. It was pretty good. Kind of slow moving, but it was a nice break from being on our feet all day. 

After the Dinosaur ride, we headed on over to the theater were the live Finding Nemo show was going on. I was really excited about this. I love musicals, so to see Finding Nemo in a musical was awesome!! It was a great show, the only down side was that we weren't allowed to use flash photography so I had to settle for the pictures that I could get on my phone. Most of them didn't turn out, but a few did! And I am pretty sure that we were some of the only adults in there that didn't have kids with them, haha!

After the Finding Nemo show, we headed back towards the entrance of the park. We were kind of wiped out by this point, but we were very hungry, so we decided to eat at Rainforest Cafe. I had never been there before, the Hubby had, but it had been a while. We had to wait a while to get a table, but it was worth it. The atmosphere was awesome, the food was great and there were thunderstorms every 30 minutes. It was definitely a good choice for our first real meal at Disney World.

After our very late lunch, we decided that we were done for the day. We had thought about going over to Epcot, but decided against it. We were dead tired and our feet were already hurting from all of the walking that we had been doing, so we decided to head back to our villa and call it a day. When we got back to the villa, I passed out for about three hours. After I woke up, we walked down to the little restaurant area that our resort had and ordered some food and then went back to the room.

It was a pretty uneventful night, but it was nice to be able to relax for a little bit. We knew that our next three days were going to be a lot more busy, so I am glad that we took some time to relax, even if it was only for a few hours.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Honeymoon Day 1

The first day of our Honeymoon was a travel day. Our flight was leaving very early in the morning, so the night before we drove up to Aran's parents house so that they could drive us to the airport.

So that Friday morning we got up a little before 5 am, got ready and were on the road before 6. Our flight was at 7 so we had just enough time to get there, go through security, grab something to eat and head to our gate. We only had to wait about half an hour before they started boarding the flight. I have never flown with Southwest before so I was very surprised to find out that they do general boarding. And what I mean by that is that you board the plane, but have no assigned seat. You just have to try and find a seat and hope that you get one next to the people that you are traveling with. Luckily we found a row that only had one person in it and she let us take the two inside seats. I got the window seat!!!

Waiting in the airport and on the plane!

After a very bumpy and rough three hour flight, we were in Orlando!!! Once we landed and deboarded, we found our luggage and got our rental car and headed to our resort. We stayed at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort and it was gorgeous. I didn't get any pictures of the resort itself though because we were hardly ever there. We didn't even get a chance to go to the pool. I was kind of bummed about this, but there just wasn't a lot of time.

Our room! Do you see that Jacuzzi tub?  And how adorable are those Swan towels?

Once we got checked in, we went and grabbed some lunch and then did some grocery shopping so that we could make breakfast every morning and have a few snacks. Our room had a full kitchen, so we decided that we wouldn't go out to breakfast so that we could save some time and money. After that we went back to our room and just relaxed and watched TV the rest of the night since we knew the next few days were going to be super busy.

Overall it was a very long day, but we were glad to be there and we were so excited for what was to come the next day.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it is Monday once again and that means it's time for another weekend recap.

Friday was pretty low key. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some stuff for Halloween and Christmas craft projects. For the Halloween crafts, I bought some plain white fabric and some black felt to make some little ghosts to hang in our tree. The Christmas craft stuff was glitter and some bulbs to paint them with the glitter to make vase fillers. If that made any sense. After that I went home and we had dinner and that was it. Pretty eventful night, huh?

Saturday we started the day with cleaning up the house. It was a mess with us coming back from our trip and throwing stuff everywhere, so we finally got everything put away. It was driving me nuts, so I am glad that we finally got that done. Once we were done with the house work, we headed out to run some errands.

Our first stop was to one of our favorite places to go to. It's called Squeak and it is an old fashioned soda shop. They have Butter Beer there so we wanted to see if the taste of it was close to the Butter Beer that we had at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was spot on! I was so excited.

After our Butter Beer stop, we headed over to AT&T to upgrade our old iPhones. We both still had the 3GS, so we decided that it was time to upgrade to the 4S. $200 and a few minutes later and we had shiny new iPhones. I am scared to death of dropping mine or scratching it so I have been clinging to it for dear life until I find a case that I like. Hopefully I find one soon.

After a few more errands we went home and made dinner. After dinner I decided to carve one of my pumpkins that I got at the pumpkin patch last weekend. It actually turned out really cute. I was very proud of it.

Sunday, my friend Megan came over so that we could finish decorating the outside of our house for Halloween. This proved to be very difficult because the decorations didn't want to cooperate. Once they finally decided to cooperate, we finished decorating and then went to lunch at Jimmy John's. After that I ran a few more errands and then went home and then we went to dinner and ran some more errands.

You can barely even see the purple string of lights we put across the gutter of the house.The orange overpowers them, haha! Oh well, we know better for next year!

Lots of errand running this weekend. And I still have more. Yikes! I just don't have enough time in the weekend. Oh well, I always have next weekend. Hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope that you have a fast week and a Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Hello lovelies! It is a very cold Friday(thank goodness for the Friday part) and that means it is time for Friday Letters with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Snow,
Agghhhh! You have finally arrived! I may or may not have screamed out loud in my car when I realized you were actually here the other night! I really appreciate you finally making your debut and making my new house look so pretty covered in you! But next time, could you at least snow enough so that I don't have to drive all the way across town to go to work. K? Thanks!

Dear Nieces,
You guys are all growing up so fast and I am so proud of you three, but I really do want you to stay little forever. So stop growing, like yesterday! And Miss Kelsi, thank you for actually smiling pretty in the picture we took the other day instead of the goofy smile you usually sport. 

Dear Taylor Swift,
I am so glad that your new album is finally available. I love it! It is definitely not a country album like I was expecting, but I still love it. Keep breaking those hearts so that you can keep writing great music.

Dear Country Jam,
I will be attending you next year. I don't care what I have to do or who is getting married, I will be there. I have missed you the past couple of years, and I will not miss you this time around!

Dear Broncos,
Please don't suck this weekend. And please don't wait to make your comeback in the 4th quarter because I have usually shut the game off by then if we are playing like absolute crap!

Dear Husband,
Will you please start listening to me more often? I have been telling you all week that you needed to get some medicine in you since you haven't been feeling well. So when you come home from work and are complaining about not feeling good and make me miss my Zumba class, I have no sympathy for you because I have been trying all week to get some meds in your system, but you wouldn't listen to me. 

Dear Halloween Decorations,
Can you just put yourself up? I just can't seem to find the time to finish decorating the outside of the house, so I would appreciate it if you would just have some magical powers and put yourselves up. Thanks!

Dear Christmas,
You are right around the corner and I could not be more excited!! I can't wait to decorate our new house in all things Christmas! I may even have to start making some new stuff to place around the house now that we have more space. Eeeeeekk!! I can't wait, so hurry up and get here already! 

That's all I have for today. Don't forget to go link up over at Ashley's blog if you are joining in on the Friday Letters fun! Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hey guys. I know I promised to be back this week with regular blogs, but I am still trying to recouperate from our trip. Not only am I wiped out, but I am also starting to get sick, so my energy to do anything other than to sit and do nothing, has gone completely out the window.

And throw in there that I had to go back to work and finish all kinds of online training, ugh! That is all that I can say, ugh! Any who, I am trying to work on getting some pictures in collages so that I can show you guys some of our trip, but since I took like 1000 photo's it is taking a long time, haha! I have to go through and pick out my favorites. Yes, I am an obsessive photo taker, haha!

Well, I need to get back to work. I have another training session in less than an hour and I still need to take my lunch break. I hope you guys are all having a fantastic week and I hope to have some stuff for you soon!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters; Florida Edition

Happy Friday everyone!!! Sadly today, we are heading back to CO. Our Honeymoon was amazing! We had such a blast and we are definitely bummed that it is over. Oh well. I guess it is back to reality for us.

And back to regularly blogging! Let's get the ball rolling with this week's Friday Letters; Florida Edition.

Dear Honeymoon/Vacation,
You were a blast. Please don't be a stranger! We would appreciate it if you would come at least once a year!

Dear Flight Tomorrow,
I would very much appreciate it if you were a lot smoother than our flight last Friday. So, no running into bad weather because the turbulence that goes along with that not only makes me freak the eff out, it makes me feel very sick, and I would prefer to not blow chunks on the plane. Thanks!

Dear Florida,
It's been great, but I am so ready to go back to CO where the temp is a lot cooler.

Dear Humidity,
I can't stand you. Actually I loathe you. I don't know how people deal with you on a daily basis. I am so so so so glad that you will not be coming back with me. 

Dear Disney World,
You were great and all, but seriously, you are way too damn expensive! I mean $700 for two people, for four days is a little ridiculous! Not to mention all the money that we spent on food and souvenirs. Yikes! I'm surprised that we are even returning home with money left!

Dear Wizarding World of Harry Potter,
Thank you for being so much more than I expected. You were seriously the best part of my trip. I was ready to enroll myself at Hogwart's just so that I could stay. It's true, ask my Husband. He pretty much had to drag me out of there!

Dear Butterbeer,
You were freaking delicious! Why are you only sold at the Three Broomstick's and Hog's Head? Why can't I buy you back home?

Dear Fur Babies,
I have missed you so much. I'm sorry that we left you for a week. But hey, at least we left a human behind to feed you and play with you. I can't wait to see you tomorrow so that I can snuggle the crap out of you!

Dear Legs and Feet of Mine,
I am sorry that I made you hurt so much this week. I promise to make it up to you when I return to work next week, where I will proceed to sit at a desk for hours upon hours, barely utilizing you.

That is all I have today lovelies. Don't forget, if you want to join in, head on over to Ashley's blog to link up. Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Post: Mrs. Bear

Next up in the guest posts is Mrs. Bear. She has gone through a lot of the same stuff that I have in the last year, like buying a house, so her blog has been a great read for me. And she is also getting Married in November! How exciting! Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I'm Mrs. Bear, from over at Life... And Everything About It. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, so I welcome everyone over to read my blog!

I figured what better way to share a little bit about myself than to share a few facts about me! So here we go with a few facts about me!

1. I'm getting married November 2nd! We are booking everything last minute because of fact number 2, so things are a little crazier than most wedding planning! Our wedding plans have been up and down and up and down throughout the engaged time, and you can read about the madness here.
I have personally designed our save the dates and invitations, which I am very proud of... here are our save the dates!

2. We just closed on our first home! On September 7th, we closed on our home! This was quite the ordeal, and I truly hope that we do not have the same experience the next time around! You can read about that debacle here. We haven't completely unpacked or moved in, so no house pictures are up yet, but they will come eventually!

3. I coach a local color guard team. As they are a group of high school students, I do not blog about them a lot, but I do love them, and they might start to make an appearance on the blog a bit more.

4. I am a Zeta Tau Alpha and proud of it! I joined when I was a sophomore in college and I loved every minute of it! I have two littles and have an ever-expanding family line! I am so proud of them! I lived with a sister my last two years of college and I cannot believe how much I miss her! Here is the two of us on our last formal recruitment!

5. I love couponing and saving money! I try to always get the best deal on anything that I can. Any little bit of money that I can save is a good thing! I am hoping to start posting some of my good deals on my blog soon!

My blog is very much my venting outlet. I write randomly about random things. Anything and everything goes on the blog! I am hoping to start posting more often, as I have been trying to do lately, but it has not been happening as much I would like! Hopefully as things get checked off for the wedding and the house gets done there will be more posts! 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorite Fall Looks: A Guest Post from Natalie

Hey guys. First up with the guest posts is Natalie from Bells and Bows! Natalie and I both got married in January so we have been newlyweds for almost the same amount of time. I have really enjoyed reading about her wedding and her new life and I hope you guys love her blog as much as I do!

Hi to all, and thank you to Megan for having me as a guest on your blog!  My name is Natalie and I am a long time follower of Megan’s blog.  I am excited to be here, for my first guest post ever.  I started following Megan’s blog when I started blogging for my own January wedding, and have enjoyed reading all about her wedding and newlywed life!

As Megan posted in her Friday Letters post, Autumn is approaching! It is time to trade in those tank tops for sweaters!!  I cannot be more thrilled because I abhor the summer heat of Texas and who doesn’t love a good cozy sweater?? In honor of the cool weather I thought I would share with you my favorite fall outfits from pinterest! 

I have learned so much about my style from what I pin on pinterest.  I call it ‘Inspired by Zooey Deschanel if she had to work in corporate America’.  You could also probably call it ‘I wish I could buy everything Anthropologie sells’.  Either way.  Oddly, I don’t dress stylishly AT ALL in real life.  I chalk it up to wanting to spend the least amount of money on something as frivolous as clothing, not having a hot body, and working at a job where if you dress in a business casual manner everyone assumes you are going on a job interview on your lunch hour.  Plus I usually never want to wear high heels, jewelry, anything that needs ironing.  So I maybe could be very fashion forward one day if I weren’t so lazy, lol.  It is a conundrum for sure. 



The thing that sells me on this look is the ruching on the sleeve and that collar.  Plus I just adore anything with stripes.  I tip my hat to those who can effortlessly mix brown and black in one look.  Love!


Can the colors of this look get more fab??  Love the ruffled top, love the bracelet, really love the shoes.  Only thing is the bag, I could take it or leave it. 


Cranberry is quintessential fall, am I right?  I love the use of it as pops of color rather than the main event.  It seems like this look would be easy to create with some basics you already probably have (minus cranberry shoes, maybe).  This outfit also inspires me to wear watches more often.



This color green is so gorgeous to me, and how cute is that top??  Honorable mentions for the shoes and the bag!


I.LOVE.MUSTARDYELLOW.   So much.  I could probably do a post of my top 10 mustard yellow outfits from pinterest, but I assume most people don’t enjoy that weirdness as much as I do…  I need that coat.  Probably the bag too.


This outfit looks most like something I might actually wear.  I think pastels in cool weather are divine, and this outfit kind of shows how to make it work with looking like you missed the memo that Labor Day happened.  I could see myself in this while strolling through the mall Christmas shopping or a day at the apple orchard.  Those plaid shoes with the scarf are too cute.  Just the right about of ‘preppy’. 

Well there you have it, my favorite looks for the fall!  If you like what you see, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the button below.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Or I blog infrequently at while I am waiting patiently to get my wedding pictures from my photographer…

Thank you again to Megan, and I hope you and Aran are having an awesome time on your Honeymoon!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Checking In

Hey guys! Just wanted to stop in and say hi real quick. As most of you know, the Hubby and I are on our Honeymoon in Orlando, FL!!

So far we have spent two days at Disney World and have been having an absolute blast. I will tell you guys all about our trip when we get back. Trust me, I am taking tons of pictures!

Any who, I have a couple people guest blogging for me this week. I will have those up on Tuesday and Thursday. And of course I will be back next week. Hopefully with some recaps of our trip, but depending on how much time I have, who knows. I will try my best though.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and have a great rest of your week!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Disney World Pointers

Happy Hump Day everyone!! It's Wednesday, which means that I only have two more full days of work until I am on a plane and heading for Florida! Woooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo!!! I'm not excited or anything, haha!

This is seriously how excited I feel, haha!

Our first stop on our trip is at Disney World. I have never been to either of the Disney parks, so this is going to be a very memorable experience for me. With that being said, I also have no idea which rides we should absolutely go on and which ones we could skip if we are short on time. I know a few that we really want to go on because I am kind of OCD when it comes to stuff like this and I actually got Disney's Vacation planning DVD. I know, I'm a nerd, haha!

Just from watching the DVD and doing a little bit of my own research, I do know a few rides that I want to go on in each park. Like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Soarin, Tower of Terror, Star Tours(this one is more for the Hubby) and Toy Story Mania!

Courtesy of Disney World's website

I know that is just barely grazing the surface as far as all of the attractions that we can go see or ride. So I want to hear from you guys. What are some of your favorite rides or attractions? What rides or attractions should we absolutely go see? And which ones could we do without going to if we don't have the time?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Packing List

With our trip coming up on Friday, I have so much to do. The biggest to do though is the not so fun task of packing our bags.

Throughout the years of road trips and vacations, I have always found that packing is a lot easier if I make a packing list. So this trip will be no different. So last week I started my packing list. This so far is what it has on it:

Tank Tops
Tennis Shoes
Flip Flops
Camera Charger
Phone Charger
Make Up
Hair Dryer
Curling Iron
Bobby Pins
Ear cleaner
Make Up Remover
Swim Suit
Laptop & Charger
Flight Itenerary
Hotel Info
Universal Tickets
Disney Tickets
Rental Car Info
Body Spray

I have been racking my brain for days and I can't think of anything else that should go on this list. I could really use some help to ensure that I have not forgotten anything. Now there are a few items that I know are not on this list for the mere fact that we will buy them when we get there. Like sunscreen and hairspray and things like that; they will just be easier to buy once we get there.

So if you think of anything that isn't on my list, please let me know. It is always nice to have a second set of eyes and another brain, to think of things that I may have forgotten. Thanks in advance for your help!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

What's up everyone? I hope that you all had a great weekend. Mine again, went by way too fast. A lot of that had to do with the fact that we are less than a week away from leaving for our Honeymoon. So needless to say we had a lot of running around to do as well as getting started on our packing.

Friday night was a fun night for us. We went over to our friends, Bret and Rochelle's place and had dinner and played Scene It! It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed spending some time with our friends.

Saturday we spent running around town trying to get all of the stuff that we need for our trip. That included a trip to Wal-Mart(which also worked out well because I bought some Halloween decorations.) We didn't really do much else. It was extremely cold outside so we pretty much stayed inside and tried to get some cleaning done, but let's be real, I didn't do much of that either.

Sunday I got up early and went to Zumba class with my friend Rochelle. Afterwards we went to Panera Bread for lunch and then headed over to my big Bro's house to see my nieces for a few minutes. After that we headed home and watched the Broncos get their butts kicked(I'm sure Mrs. K from Down at Fraggle Rock was happy with this outcome though.) I did some laundry and hung up our Halloween decorations. And that was pretty much the extent of my day.

Pretty boring weekend, but busy. The one great thing about this weekend is that my Fantasy Football teams decided to not suck it up. They actually played like they are getting paid millions of dollars to do a job. Oh wait, that's right! They are getting paid millions of dollars to play football. Glad they figured that out, haha!

Well, that's all I have for you guys for today. This week is going to be pretty busy with work and trying to get everything ready to leave on Friday. I will try to post as much as I can, but I am making no guarantees. Also, I am still looking for some people to guest post. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks guys and have a great week!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

I will admit it, I am a Friday Letter's virgin. Gasp! I know! It looks like so much fun though, that I have decided to join in. So here goes. And don't forget to link up over at Ashley's blog.

Dear Friday,
Thank you so much for getting here so quickly. It has been a really rough week at work and I am ready to not have to go there for a few days.

Dear Random Lady at Kohl's,
Thank you for helping me decide which luggage to get. And thanks for helping me go through all of the pro's and con's of the two sets that I was looking at. I think I made the right choice.

Dear luggage,
I made the right choice. I love how unique you are. I can't wait to actually pack you and take you on our trip.

Dear colder weather,
Thank you for finally showing up. And thank you for bringing the possibility of some snow. I am very excited to see the first snow of the year.

Dear weekend,
Please don't fly by. I would like to enjoy you.

Dear Fantasy Football teams,
Please, please, please don't self destruct again. I need a win this week.

Dear next Friday,
Please get here as quickly as possible. I am ready to be on my way to Florida for our Honeymoon. I can't wait.

Dear Fur Babies of mine,
Why do you have to be so damn cute? It makes it really hard to be mad at you when you have done something wrong.

Dear Adorable Nieces,
Please stop growing up so quickly. I don't like it. I like that you are little and that you still look up to me. I know that the more that you grow and get older, that may change. Although, I am the coolest Aunt you have so maybe not, haha!

Dear Best Friends,
I miss you guys more than ever right now. I so wish that you could be here. I hate that we are all so far away. We need to plan a trip soon or something so that I don't go out of my mind. Love you guys!

And that's all I've got for today. My weekend is going to be pretty busy again with all of the errands and packing that we have to do before we leave next Friday. Hopefully it won't go by too quickly. Speaking of us being gone, I still need three more people to guest post for me while we are gone. If you are at all interested, please let me know in the comments or email me. And please leave a way for me to contact you if you are set up as a no-reply person. Thanks everyone and I hope that you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wife of the Year

I tell you what, I better be named Wife of the Year after the Christmas gift that I just bought the Hubby. And yes, I already bought his Christmas gift. I am a plan ahead kind of person and like to have my shopping for Christmas almost done before December even rolls around.

Any who, last Friday I took my lunch break and headed on over to Sam's Club. The Hubby has been wanting a new Xbox for a long time since his took a crap like a year ago. Seeing as how he still had other working game consoles, we decided to not buy a new one yet. I decided it would be a great Christmas gift for this year, especially since I have been hinting to him that I want one of these...

This particular KitchnAid Stand Mixer is about $400, so I figured it was only fair that I spend about the same on him. So I went to Sam's Club and started looking around for what he wanted. I found the coolest Xbox I have ever seen and I knew right away that it was the one that I had to buy for the Hubby. Not only did it have the Kinnect with it, but, it is a Star Wars Xbox! How freaking cool is that?


The console itself looks like R2-D2 and the controller looks like C-3P0. The Hubby is a huge Star Wars fan so I knew that this was going to be something he would love. And the storage on it was bigger than the one that he originally wanted.

I know he will love it. And of course he already knows he is getting it, but he doesn't know that I bought a few other things to go along with this gift. That part will at least be a surprise. Now, hopefully I can remember to keep my mouth shut until Christmas, haha! That is a long time away. 

That's right, Wife of the Year right here!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Posts Anyone?

Hello lovelies! I hope that everyone is having a great week so far. I am stuck in training courses for most of my week, but I had a few seconds to get away so I thought I would stop in.

So I told you guys last week that we are leaving for our Honeymoon in less than two weeks; 10 days to be exact. With that being said, my blog will be neglected that whole week. And that's where you guys come into play. I need some people to guest blog while I am gone. The topic can be about anything you want.

If you are at all interested, please leave me a comment or email me. I appreciate your guys help so much and I hope that I get a few takers.

Okay, back to work I go. Things have been nuts around here, and when I get a second to breathe, I will tell you more about it. Have a great day everyone!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

Welp, Monday is here yet again and once again I am cursing the day. My weekend went by way too fast again.

Friday night was pretty mellow. I picked up Chick-Fil-A on the way home for dinner and we watched The Avengers. I love that movie. It is awesome.

Saturday I woke up and got ready for the day and then headed to the movies with my friend Megan to go see Pitch Perfect. It was freaking hilarious. I laughed my ass off and I really want to go see it again and I also want to buy the soundtrack. I would definitely recommend it.


After the movie I headed home. Since it was still nice out we decided to get some yard work done. Aran mowed the lawn and I started pulling some weeds in an area of our yard that has been dead since we moved into the house. I pulled weeds for a good two hours and decided that it is not something that I enjoy. We also finished the landscaping around our tree. It looks so much better now.

After the yard work, we cooked dinner and then after eating, we headed to Lowe's to get a few things for the yard. We also did some grocery shopping. A lot of boring things, but it was nice to spend some time together.

On Sunday we got up a little early and finished our yard work. We re-seeded areas of our lawn and then over seeded and fertilized all of it so that it will hopefully grow back and come back next year. Other than the yard work, we pretty much just watched football. I love Sundays for this very reason. The Jets got their asses kicked, the Broncos kicked some ass and the Lions, well they tried, but once again came up short. On the upside though, my Fantasy team did rebound this week! Thank goodness! I was about ready to cry after last weeks pitiful performance.

This weekend was once again a good one, and it was nice that it wasn't so busy. It was definitely nice to slow down. How was everyone else's weekend? Did you do anything fun?