Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Goodbyes are never easy. I have had to say my fair share of goodbyes throughout the years, but one of the hardest ones came yesterday. I had to say goodbye to my best friend Lacey.

The bestie!

Lacey's husband is in the military and so we knew that this day would  come when they would be leaving to go on a new adventure in a new place. Hawaii to be exact(lucky girl!) But honestly I think in the back of my mind I tried to pretend it wasn't happening. That unfortunately didn't work. I know that it isn't goodbye forever, because I will see her again, but when you don't know when that will be, it is really hard.

One of our first pictures together Freshman year
Going to Serious Texas BBQ for Taco Tuesdays
In the car riding around town
Us having fun
At Cuckoo's, the best Chicken Wing place in Durango

Lacey and I have pretty much been inseparable for the last 6 years. We met our Freshman year of college when we were on the Cheerleading squad together and at first we hated each other. I thought she was too loud and she thought I was too nice. That changed pretty quickly and over our four years in college we became best friends.

Us on my 21st Birthday
Us trying to eat my roommate Nicole's Noodle Name Sign

Road trip to Albuquerque

During our Senior year she started dating this guy in the military. I was pretty excited about it because first of all you could tell how happy she was and second, because he was stationed in my home town, which meant that she would be there a lot more visiting him and if things went well, she would live there at some point. Well everything happened to work out and they got married and she has been living here for the past couple of years.

Lacey's Wayne's World Party. She's Wayne, I'm Garth
I found my Wayne in life

Us just being ridiculous
Senior Homecoming Football Game
Road trip to the Springs to see our guys
Us at my graduation! Gorgeous!

She has always been with me during these past six years and I hoped that it would always be that way, but life is not like that. I am very excited for her and this new chapter in her life, but it will definitely be hard to not have her here anymore. We have been there for each other through relationships, break ups, losing loved ones, a deployment, sitting through Global Christianity together and a lot of other ups and downs and I know that we will continue to be there for each other. We have also made some crazy, funny and just ridiculous memories and I don't think that I could ask for a better friend. I love you Lacey Lou and I hope that you have a fantastic time in Hawaii and I promise that I will come visit!!

Being silly

Haha! There are no words! Love this girl!

At the Brad Paisley concert. The first
 concert we ever went to together


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mother Son Dance

Sorry for the delay in recaps again, but moving into our new house has been crazy. But, I finally have internet again and can resume writing posts again. Yay!

After my dance with my Dad, it was Aran's turn to dance with his Mom. He had no problems picking out a song for this particular dance. His Mom is a big Josh Groban fan so as soon as Aran started to think about it he knew right away that he wanted "You Raise Me Up." He did a good job picking that song too, because she told us later on that it is one of her favorites.

I'm not sure what their conversation was like while they were dancing, but they seemed to be having a pretty good time. There was definitely lots of laughing and smiling and it was such a great moment to watch.

I loved watching Aran out there with his Mom. You could see just how much he loves her and how much he loves having such a great person in his life. It was definitely a very sweet and touching moment.


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