Monday, December 23, 2013

Craptastic Weekend Recap

Yep. That's right. This weekend was craptastic. Why? Because instead of being able to get the last few things that I needed to get done before Christmas, my ass was laid up in bed or on the couch all weekend long. 

It started last Wednesday in the afternoon. I started coughing. No big deal. It was just a little cough, or so I thought. By Thursday morning it was a full blown chest cold. The kind that hurt your chest so bad when you cough. But I sucked it up and headed to work. By the time the afternoon hit, I started getting chills and body aches, so I headed home so that I could get some rest and hopefully sleep it off. I was running a pretty high fever too and I got it to break, but I woke up Friday morning and still didn't feel good. 

After I dropped the Husband off at work, I headed over to the Doctor's office. After what seemed like the longest wait of my life, they finally saw me and determined by listening to my cough and my chest that I had bronchitis. Okay, not a huge deal. I can take some meds, but I can still get stuff done. But oh no. It didn't stop there. They wanted to do an influenza test on me just to be sure. 

The nurse comes in and sticks this little swab thingy up both of my nostrils. Which for the record, does not feel nice. She tells me to go ahead and wait out in the waiting room because the test will take about 15 minutes for the results to come back. After being in the waiting room for about three minutes, the nurse comes out and tells me that the test came back positive almost instantly.

It wasn't enough to just have bronchitis. No! I had to have the freaking flu on top of it. Which also meant that I was contagious. So that pretty much put a stop to any of my weekend plans. They sent me home with a prescription for some Tamiflu for me and for the Husband since he probably already had it. And they told me that I should stay home for at least 48 hours and that I would no longer be contagious after that. Great!

So I spent my weekend laying in bed or laying on the couch. I tried to get up and do a few things here and there, but every time I would, I would start to not feel good again. So after a while I quit fighting it. I accepted my fate for the weekend and embraced it. I watched every Christmas movie that we owned. And when I was done with those, I turned on Netflix and watched a few that I hadn't seen before.

Sunday afternoon I was able to get up and go out and do a few things since I wasn't contagious anymore. We did a little bit of our last minute shopping and then headed home. Nothing too special or for too long.

All in all this weekend was a bust. I had so many things that I needed to get done that didn't because of this stupid flu! But I have a couple more days to get everything finished, so hopefully I can get everything done in time. I hope that you guys had a better weekend! And Merry Christmas week everyone!


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  1. Uggghh, that sucks! Last year I ended up with walking pneumonia and it was MIZ. I feel for you. Sending good thoughts and chicken soup your way! Oh and not to be tempting or anything but I hear a McD's vanilla milkshake cures all....just sayin!


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