Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gardening and My Not So Green Thumb

In the past I have always been horrible with keeping any type of plant alive. Didn't matter what it was. Flowers, office plants, you name it, I killed it. My track record isn't the greatest. I always have the best intentions when it comes to keeping them alive, but for some reason something always happens and they don't make it. 

When Jeremy and I moved into our new place back in December, there was a raised garden bed already in the back yard, so we started talking about putting a garden in. Spoke to our landlord about it and they actually encouraged it, which I thought was pretty cool. But in the back of my mind I just kept thinking about all the plants I had previously killed. I was worried I would do the same with our garden. 

Well thankfully Jeremy has an amazing green thumb. I helped plant everything, but really he is the one keeping them alive. He makes sure everything gets watered and is in there pulling weeds all the time. And everything we planted has actually started coming up!!! It is so cool to see. We planted baking pumpkins, yellow squash, cucumbers, small watermelons, carrots, beets, green beans, snap peas and we bought pepper plants that were already started. 

Yellow Squash
Cucumbers (sorry, not the best pic)
Green Beans
Pepper Plants
I can not wait until everything is ready to harvest and eat. It will be so nice to be able to walk out to the garden and pick fresh produce. I'm especially excited for the watermelons! 

After we got the garden all ready to go and planted, I got a little gardening bug. I suddenly wanted to buy a bunch of flowers for all these flower beds that were already on the property. I figured why not. The worst that would happen is that I would kill them. Not like it hasn't happened before. We headed out to a green house one weekend and bought of bunch of different annuals and planted them. They look great and they are all still alive. It has been three weeks people! That has to be a record for me! 

I also purchased a rose bush and some hydrangeas from Lowe's. My roses are doing amazing! I love them. They look so great. My hydrangeas on the other hand, whomp whomp whomp. I had bought hydrangeas once before and they didn't last more than two weeks. These made it about three. I am not really sure what happened. I honestly think they just don't do well in the Colorado climate. I think it is too hot for them. Oh well. Can't win them all. 

I am absolutely loving how our yard and our garden turned out. We are still working on it a bit, but for the most part we are done. Jeremy has done such a great job with keeping everything alive that it has made me want to do a better job with it as well. Maybe his green thumb will rub off on me a bit. I can only hope, right?!


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