Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogger Really Hates Me

Hey everyone! Blogger must really hate me because I have been having nothing but problems with it tonight. I was trying to rearrange a few things and somehow my background was erased. I'm not quite sure how it was, but it was. So I found a new one that I like and I threw it on there for now. So please bare with me because I have recently (yesterday) decided to have my blog re-designed. So this was the final straw tonight. I will be contacting the lady that I want to use to redesign my blog tomorrow. I can't handle it anymore. I hate the blogger templates and I can't stand how you have to adjust things. Nothing ever works the way that it should. It is quite annoying. So again, please bare with me and I will try to get my new design up as soon as the lady can do it. Thanks everyone and I hope that you guys are having a great night!

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  1. Please do share the information that you learn! I need to start blogging again!


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