Monday, June 13, 2011

Yard Sale Loot

As I told you guys previously I love yard sales. This past weekend Lacey and I went to a community yard sale that a friend of mine told us about. All I can say is that we scored some awesome things. I think Lacey made out better than I did. I would have to say that her best purchase is a toss up between the Dog Igloo that she bought for $10 or the marble rolling pin that she got for $5. They were both great buys.

As for me, I had some great buys too! Wanna see them? I thought you might, so I took some pictures.

One of my favorite finds of the day was a painting that I bought. We have been looking for artwork to put up in our place so when I walked up and saw this one, I was just praying that they didn't want a ton of money for it. When I asked the man how much he wanted, my jaw dropped when he said $6. I couldn't believe it was so cheap and I said I would take it. There was another painting there as well that Lacey really like so he gave me both of them for $10. I gave that one to her and told her it was her house warming gift, haha!

Another thing that I got a great deal on was a bunch of baby clothes for a blog friend who is having a baby next month. All of the clothes that I bought were all brand new and some of them still had the tags on them. I bought like 12 onesies, a couple of outfits that had pant legs and sleeves and then one of those sleeping bag outfits. If you aren't sure what I am talking about, let me explain. It is like pajamas that you put on but there are no leg holes. That way the baby is snuggly and warm. See the picture below if you are still confused. I bought all of these clothes for $5. Crazy!

I also found some games for my nieces. They are both Disney Princess games which they are obsessed with and I was able to get these for $1 each. I almost kept one of them for myself because it is the Cinderella version of Pretty Pretty Princess, and that was one of my favorite games when I was little. I couldn't believe they had a Cinderella version. I wish they would have had that when I was little, but I did decide to give it to them because I don't know that I would ever actually play it. 

I also found a few other odds and ends. I found some more Christmas ornaments. I also found some really cute Halloween hand towels. I paid $2 for both of these combined. I also was able to find a really cute metal wall hanger that has a slot for my mail and three hooks on the bottom for our keys. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, so I was very excited to find this. I spent $3 on this. 

I also picked up two Detroit Lions Mugs for my brother. I paid a quarter a piece for them. I also bought a Chuck Wicks CD for $2. I was so excited about this. I have actually met him so it was really cool to find this.  I also picked up these two little tent looking things for our cats. I paid a $1 each for them and the cats love them so far. 

Well, those are all of my finds for this weekend. I am so excited about all of them and I really didn't spend that much money. It was a great day and Lacey and I had a blast. It was a great day with a great friend and we had some pretty hilarious moments at times. Okay, I have to tell you one real quick. So when she bought the dog igloo we were so sure that it would fit in my car that we didn't even worry about it. Well when we got the car back to pick it up, it definitely did not fit. We ended up having to go back to my place and pick up her Jeep. We had to take the top off to make sure that it would fit and it definitely did. And because of this, we realized that the only way to ride in her Jeep is with the top down. We felt like such bad asses, haha! It was a lot of fun. I got a little sun burned though. 

Well, I hope that everyone else had a great weekend and if you went yard saleing, I hope that you found some great deals too. Have a good week everyone!!

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  1. Hey megan! I wanted to respond to your question on my blog and figured this was the best way to reach you..thanks for stopping by! That's a very good question about the wishing tree tags, and I may do a whole post soon around your question, because I bet others have the same thought. I will say that when chris and I came home from our honeymoon I read these tags at dinner one night and it was very funny/entertaining/sweet to go through all of them. Also: I had sooo many leftover tags. I made about 200 and I think I prob. got about 50 tops (PS Looking for tags? Let me know) so It's not like I have a ridiculous amount of them lying around. My thought is to decoupage them onto something with modge podge eventually. But what that item will be..I have yet to decide. So for now, they are safely stored away until I figure out what to decorate, but I do think I will modge podge them eventually. Hope that helps!


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