Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Sale/Garage Sale Season

It is that time of year when getting up early on Saturday mornings to score a killer deal is okay in my book. I usually try to sleep in on Saturdays, but it is summer and that means that is is Yard Sale/Garage Sale season and I couldn't be more excited. I know technically they have been going on for a few weeks, but this is the first free weekend I have had to be able to actually go and what better way to start the season then to go to a community sale. A friend of mine at work lives in a community where they have a huge sale every summer. Well it is this weekend and I am really excited. Hopefully they will have some awesome stuff again this year. I walked away with a lot of really great stuff last year for really cheap.

My haul last year included a couple of board games like Apples To Apples that I got for $1(the only thing missing was the instructions and I was able to print those online), a huge Nerf gun for Aran that I paid $10 for and this is apparently like a $60 or $70 one in stores. Yes, I bought my fiancee' a Nerf gun, haha! I also got a softball glove, some dolls for my nieces and a couple of other things for them and some baby proofing stuff for a friend of mine. I think I spent $20 all together if that.

If I ever saw a Yard Sale sign like this,
I would stop for sure!
So hopefully this year I will find some great stuff too. Yard sales are like a sport to my family. Yard saleing I guess you can call it. We like to get up early and we like to barter with the people to get the price that we want. One year I went on base with my sister-in-law and her mom Linda, and this lady was selling a LoveSac. She wanted a ridiculous amount for it. Well Linda kept trying to get her to go down on it and the lady wouldn't budge. Well finally we said okay never mind and were about to leave and the lady finally caved and gave it to us for like $50 or something ridiculous like that. What was even more ridiculous was getting that thing into the vehicle and then unloading it. What a freaking pain, haha! I am an expert at spotting the sale signs. Most of the time people make them pretty bright so that you can see them, but some don't and I am pretty bad ass at spotting them, haha! We are also those mean people that will drive by a sale really slowly and see if there is anything that catches our attention and if not, we drive away. I always  hated when people would do that to us when we had our own sales, but I guess I understand it now.

So tomorrow morning Lacey and I and possibly my sister-in-law will be up bright and early to go to this community yard sale. It starts at 7 so we need to get there around that time. We are on the lookout for a bookshelf for Lacey and I'm sure there are some other things that we are going to find. I can't wait and hopefully we will find some other sales going on tomorrow too.

Are any of you going yard saleing this weekend? What are you hoping to find? Please share in the comments section below! Happy Friday everyone and Happy Yard Saleing!



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  1. Makes me wish even more that I lived over there. Hopefully I hear some good news and can move in August but at the rate I am going who knows where I will be or better yet what I will be doing. Have fun and can't wait to hear what you find!

  2. Whoa Apples to Apples for a buck is awesome. Isn't that game the best?!

    I can't say I go to garage sales, but I might have to start. I'm always up early anyways.


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