Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Banner Trial Run

Hand made banners are one of the "in" things right now. They are everywhere. And of course I wanted to try my hand at one of them. I have been thinking about how cute it would be to have one for our candy buffet at the wedding. I can just picture it hanging on the front of the table or on the wall behind the table. Since I have never made one before, I wanted to do a trial run of it so that I would have it down by the time I needed to make the actual one for the big day.

I set out to do a trial run and since my Bridal Shower is this weekend, why not make one that we could use as a decoration if it turned out well enough. So, I scoured the internet trying to find different ways to do them. I stumbled upon something from Martha Stewart's website that made this process so much easier. On her website she has a how to on these banners and she also has PDF's of all of the letters of the alphabet that you can print off and use for this. You can find those here if you are interested. So I downloaded all of these letters and printed them onto a nice bright pink paper. I then used my Fiskar's Circle Cutter that Laura over at Saying I Do recommended for this project and cut out the letters. This part was a little tricky because the letters off of Martha's website have a border around them, so the cutting of the circle has to be pretty spot on.

After I had my letters cut out, I cut out a bigger circle in brown shimmer paper. Once I had all of the circles that I needed, I taped my letters in the center of my brown paper. Once I had all of those taped down, I picked out an ivory ribbon and attached my letters to it. I actually used tape for this and it seemed to be sticking, so we will see if that holds up, if not, I will be putting a little bit of hot glue on the backs of these to help them stick to the ribbon. Once I was done attaching them, the banner was complete. Here is what the final product looks like...

This was seriously one of the easiest things I have ever done and didn't take very long at all. If you have been thinking about making one of these, I highly suggest trying it because you may be very surprised and excited by the results. I will definitely be making one for our Candy Buffet and now that I have figured out all of the measurements and everything for the circles, it will be a piece of cake!

Have you tried making one of these banners? Or did you buy one?



  1. oh my gosh I love it!! So glad that circle cutter worked for you!!

    It came out so great! And what a great find of those pdf's on martha's page, certainly way easy!

  2. OMG that is tooo adorable, you are so crafty and cute Megan!


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