Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Great Surprise

Monday around 5 pm, I got a phone call from my Mom asking me what we were doing for the night. We didn't have anything going on, so I asked why. The answer I got after that made me a very happy person.

My Mom said that they were going to be in Castle Rock(which is like 30 minutes North of here) for the night and they wanted us to come up and have dinner with them. I was sooooooo excited. I haven't seen my Mom since our Wedding last year, so I couldn't wait to see her.

After the Hubby got home we headed up that way to meet them. When we got up there we met my Mom and my Step Dad at their hotel and then headed out to dinner. We went to the Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company. None of us had ever been there so we figured we would try it out. It was actually really good and we definitely want to go back again. 

We had a great time visiting with my Mom and Step Dad. And dinner was pretty delicious too! I wish that they could have stayed longer, but I was just happy that I got to see her for the time that I did. It was a great surprise and a great ending to kind of a crappy day. 



  1. That's awesome that you got to spend time with your mom! Such a great surprise!!!

  2. aww, that's so cool. I'm glad you got to spend time with your mom. :)


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