Monday, August 1, 2016

Grilling Machine

I have been looking for a BBQ grill for the last few weeks. It is summertime afterall and I would much rather be outside cooking my food then slaving away inside my kitchen. Not to mention we don't have air conditioning so if we have to turn on the stovetop or the oven for any reason, it immediately heats up the entire house. It's awful and has lead to me not cooking as much as I should be. 

Well last Sunday we happened to be at the ARC and found this grill there for $30!!!!!! The only downside was that we didn't actually know if it worked when we purchased it. They had no way of hooking it up and testing it before they put it out for sale. So we were taking a risk. But they told us if it didn't work that we could return it within 7 days for store credit. So we bought it.

We got it home and opened it up a bit more. Everything seemed to be there except for the ignition switch. But those always seem to be the first thing that breaks on any grill and I know from experience that you can still light it without one. Little bit more dangerous for your eyebrows and lashes, but it can be done. And I can get a replacement switch for around $10. And of course the inside was pretty dirty, but I knew that I could get it all cleaned up. 

The following Monday I grabbed an extra propane tank from my Brother's house, brought it home and hooked it up to the grill. We turned the propane on and then turned the grill on and lit it with a stick lighter and it immediately lit up! I was so excited. It actually worked. I was feeling amazing about this $30 purchase. 

I didn't have much time to clean it up during the week, so we were putting foil down to cook on it, but I got tired of that real quick. So this past weekend I spent a good few hours scrubbing and hosing down all of the grates and racks and got it cleaned up as best as I could. It looked really good actually. I was very proud of the hard work I put into cleaning it. 

I was so excited to cook on it once I had everything cleaned. We decided to try something we have never made before. We made chicken kabobs! And the best part was that we got to use some of the yellow squash and peppers that came out of our garden, which is kicking ass by the way. These kabobs were super simple and easy to make and they turned out delicious! They cooked perfectly on the grill and will definitely be a new favorite in this house.

I am in love with my new grill and completely in love with the fact that I only spent $30 on it! Something similar brand new would have cost me anywhere from $200-$300. I love finding a great deal and this grill was exactly that! And now I can go buy a sweet Denver Broncos grill cover to put on it! Football is after all right around the corner!

What is one of the best bargains or deals that you have found?


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