Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Fun: The Bride & Her Ladies

Remember how I told you guys that we didn't have time to take pictures of me and my girls before the ceromony? Well, we improvised and took them before the reception started. In retrospect, I am glad this happened this way because these photos turned out better than I think the ones at the church did. It is amazing what flash can do.

So here are the photos of me and my girls and a very special little guy...

Me and Rochelle

Victoria and I

Miss Kloe joined in

Me and my MOH, Lou

Veronica and I

My sister Rachelle and I


My nieces and I

My nephew and I

When did you take your pictures with your girls? Did you do fun pictures and different poses?


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  1. Cute pics! We didn't really do individual pics with my girls, looking back I miss seeing the pics but am glad that I got to enjoy atleast some of our cocktail hour by cutting out some of the photos!

  2. Very cute pics!! All my pictures with my girls were lost by my photographer ( I had major photographer issues too if you remember) so all our fun pics we took getting ready are gone :(


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