Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo Fun: The Groom & His Fellas

Before the ceremony, Aran and his guys were lucky enough to have some time to go outside and get some great photos. They had a blast doing these and we were very pleased with them when they came back. Take a look at these great photos of the guys!

Aran & Bret-the Best Man

Aran & Logan

Aran & James

Aran & Paul-his big brother

Aran & Pelka

This is one of my faves

Our ring bearer

Our ring bearers bad ass shoes

This is one of my other faves

J.P. & Aran

Did your guys get great pictures before the ceremony? Or did they do them later on? Did they do any fun poses?


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  1. So cute!!! Omgoodness that ring bearer and those shoe laces!! These are so great, I love the ones where the guys are jumping


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