Friday, May 18, 2012

With These Rings We Wed

Remember me telling you about the great ring debacle? No? You can read about it here. All I have to say is that it was completely worth the fuss and I am so glad that we ended up with the rings that we did.

The photos of our rings are some of my favorite non people pictures that came out of our big day. Our rings looked absolutely gorgeous together. I loved the different ways that the photographers positioned them and the different objects that they photographed them with. Take a look at these gorgeous pictures of our wedding rings!

Our rings with my shoes!! I love the contrast of color!

Our rings with a flower arrangement from
our rehearsal dinner

Our rings on the ribbon sashes of our flower girl dresses

This is my favorite one! I think they are on my veil.

Did you have pictures of your wedding rings together? Did they turn out amazing? What do you think of the pictures we got of these?


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  1. I love how your photographer found so many different places to take shots of your rings! Pretty!


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