Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Cake

When we first staring talking about our cake design, I knew exactly what I wanted, or so I thought. I knew that I wanted polka dots on the cake, but I didn't want them to be in your face. I wanted them to all be the same size and I thought that I just wanted flowers for our cake topper. I set out to find a picture that would represent my idea so that I could show our cake people exactly what I wanted. So of course I searched Pinterest high and low and I couldn't quite find what I was looking for, so I went to the photo galleries on Wedding Wire and there it was! Exactly what I was looking for!


Of course I wanted different colors for the ribbon and different colored flowers, but it was exactly what I wanted. And Aran liked it too. We liked that it was simple but kind of classic at the same time. After much discussion with Aran's Mom, our florist and our cake guy, we did decide to make one other change to the cake other than the colors. We decided to add fresh flowers in between each tier to give it a different look. I was kind of worried about it at first because I didn't want the flowers to stick out, I wanted the cake to really flow from top to bottom and not have these big bulky flowers sticking out and making the symmetry all off. I shouldn't have worried though because it turned out absolutely amazing. I was so impressed with it and I am so glad that we went the way that we did. 

We also had them do a Grooms Cake. Because of the type of cake we picked(Tiramisu) they couldn't really do a lot of design on it because it wasn't surfaced with butter cream, so they did this cute design using cocoa powder and again, I absolutely love how it turned out!

Our cake cutting set

Our toasting flutes in front of the cake

I loved our cake topper of fresh flowers

We couldn't have been more pleased with how both of our cakes turned out. Our bakery and our florists did an amazing job and worked together so well. We loved every bit of the design and were so happy that the design turned out just as we had envisioned it.


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  1. Such a cute cake! I love the flowers in between the layers. It definitely was a good addition!

  2. Gorgeous cake! The flowers were such a great idea. It adds so much and doesn't take away from the cake at all! Love it!

  3. such a beautiful cake!! I LOVE LOVE it!


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