Friday, July 6, 2012

Candy Buffet: The Finished Product

Hey guys! Sorry this recap is a week late, but better late than never, right?

When we decided to do a Candy Buffet as one of our favors, I knew I wanted it to have a certain look. I wanted all of our jars to be different and I wanted each one to have a sign with the name of the candy that was in that jar.

Finding all of the jars was pretty easy. We found all of them at various Ross stores in Colorado. They were pretty inexpensive too with all of them being under $10 each. Once we found the jars, I set out to make the signs. I used the tag from my Vera Bradley planner because I loved the shape of it, and I traced it onto brown shimmer paper. I then found white sparkly sticker letters and spelled out a different candy on each tag. I then attached the tag to the layered ribbon that I used in other projects throughout our decor and attached them to the jars. I also put pink jewels on the tags to give it a little bit more bling!

We set all of the jars up on a table and filled them with their respective candies and then we took the favor boxes and spread them out all over the table. We were originally going to stack them, but with the bows on the boxes, they didn't really want to stack very well. So we just surrounded the jars with all of the boxes figuring it may be a little bit easier. Once we did this, we put a scoop in each jar and that was it, we were done!

The Finished Product

I absolutely love how the whole thing turned out! And our guests loved it too! We had so many people tell us how much they loved this part of our day that it made all of the hard work worth it! The only downside to this was that we had so much candy left over afterwards that I felt inclined to eat a lot of it, haha! We still to this day have candy left! So a piece of advice to any of you wanting to do a Candy Buffet; buy less candy than you think you will need, because you will be left with what isn't eaten and it may result in a few added lbs on the scale. 


  1. AMAZING! LOVE IT! BTW you have inspired me. I am currently looking into making something I can emboss! Haha

  2. I can't get over how amazing your candy buffet and the little bag were...such an amazing detail that was executed perfectly! Kudos!


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