Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Update

Hey everyone! Due to everything that is going on here, I am going to skip our Bringing Sexy Back link up this week and next week as well(I will be out of town), but no worries because I will be back in two weeks to let you guys know how I am doing with everything. I hope you guys will join us again in a few weeks and let us know how you guys are doing. 

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have been sending your thoughts and prayers this way. We greatly appreciate all of them. As of this morning, the fire seems to be moving away from where I live, which is a great thing for me, but still very unfortunate for the others in those areas. 

As of 12 pm yesterday, they have confirmed that 92 people have lost their homes. I can't even imagine what they are dealing with right now. And I hope that I never have to know what they are dealing with.

Since I posted this at 9 am this morning, they have since confirmed that 360 homes have been completely destroyed, 14 have been partially damaged, 75 have been unidentified and 1,205 have been unharmed. 

In regards to the other fire that is burning south of us, they are saying that the Historical bridge is still in tact! It has some damage, but nothing that can't be fixed. Unfortunately they did lose some structures in the park though. One of the ones that was destroyed was the building that housed the Tram that would take you across the gorge. They said the building itself and the Tram inside were destroyed and the cable snapped and fell into the gorge. This is really sad. 

*Images found via Google Search*

Hopefully today they can continue to make progress on these fires and start getting them contained. But with the wind and the high temps, it isn't looking good. So please keep those prayers and thoughts coming our way. 

Thanks everyone and I hope you guys have a great Thursday. 



  1. Oh I really hope they can get these fires under control soon. It is so sad that every year this happens. YOu need rain!! We are getting tons here so I'm pray that it comes to you.

  2. I'm so glad that you are safe and that the fires seems to be moving away from you and somewhat contained. I can't imagine what you and everyone else must be going through.


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