Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something That Bothers Me

Bad customer service. Yep, that's right, I can't stand it when people have bad customer service. I mean who likes a company that has bad customer service? I'm pretty sure that is no one!

You might be asking why I am bringing this up. So for today's post let's go back three weeks ago when I contacted a seller on Etsy about a baby shower invite that I was absolutely in love with for my friends online baby shower. So after writing this particular seller with my questions and concerns(because I am a perfectionist) I decided that I was ready to order. 

So I went to her listing and low and behold, it was gone. So I contacted her and asked about it. She emailed me back and told me that she was on vacation and wouldn't be back until the 17th at which time she would put the listings back up. I was kind of upset by this, because she hadn't mentioned this at all in any of our conversations and she didn't have this memo on her shop at all and still had other listings up. And I wanted to have the invitations in the mail before the 17th, but I loved the design so much that I decided to wait an additional two weeks so that I could get this particular design. 

So yesterday I go back to her Etsy shop(it was the 17th after all) and the listing was still not up. So I emailed her once again letting her know that I was ready to order and that I was still waiting for her to put the listing up. And then I got a reply back from her. This reply sent me into a state of frustration and made me want to kill her. Her reply stated that after much consideration and planning, she decided that she was no longer going to be offering this design. 

WTF!!!!! Really? And you couldn't have told me this two weeks ago when I tried to order these from you? Or you couldn't have told me this when we first started discussing this particular design. No, instead you strung me along for three weeks only to waste my time and leave me stuck with no invite whatsoever. An invite that should have already been in the mail!!!!! 

As you can probably read, I am really pissed off about this whole situation. I understand that people have the right to not sell something anymore in their stores, but if you are even considering something like that and you know that you have interested parties, you should at least have the courtesy to tell them that there is a possibility of the design being discontinued so that they know in advance that at any point that design could be gone. And I am sorry but that is just no way to run a business! 

Honestly if she would have told me that from the beginning, I would have probably not given the invitation another thought. I would have walked away. I guess it's my fault too for not ordering more quickly. But, I can't help it that I am a damn perfectionist and I wanted to make sure that before I bought something, that I was going to get exactly what I wanted. 

And because I am so pissed about this whole incident and how everything went down, I have decided that if I ever see her name pop up on something that I am looking at buying that I will not even give it another look. It is not worth it to go through something like this again. 

So here I am now without an invitation and already way behind schedule on getting them out. So my "you better figure something out" mode kicked in yesterday and I proceeded to buy three different digital scrapbooking kits matching the theme we are doing, and my friend Nicole and I are going to attempt to make these invitations ourselves. Hopefully we can handle this and make something adorable, but if I happen to be ripping my hair out and screaming by the end of the week, you know why. Man, if I didn't love my best friend so much, I wouldn't even deal with this, but alas, she is amazing and deserves the very best, so I will just have to suck it up and move on. Love you Lou Lou!

Have you guys ever had a bad experience on Etsy like this? Or on any other websites? 



  1. Etsy is seriously the worst for this kind of stuff. I remember one seller got agitated with me because an item I was supposed to have already hadn't even been processed and she emailed me back saying she "hadn't had time to get to it yet, very busy, etc etc". Really? Then WTF are you running an Etsy shop for?

    Business is business, end of story. I'm sorry you went through all that crap!

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  3. The economy must be pretty good if these people don't want to make money! I have had a few bad experiences with etsy...one place just basically took my money and ran (until I disputed my creditcard charge) or takes weeks longer than promised. I def check out the reviews first - and I totally remade my wedding invites from an etsy person who never emailed me back. Their loss! Sorry she strung you along for all that time, I'd be angry too!


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