Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back Week 10/11

Good morning lovelies! It's Thursday and time for another edition of Bringing Sexy Back! We took a break last week, but we are back this week and ready to report how we brought sexy back this week! So grab a button, link up and tell us how you did.

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Not going to lie, two weeks ago, I definitely fell off the band wagon. It was bad. And I was mad at myself. Which was a good thing. I was kicking myself for losing progress and I made myself get back into the swing of things. 

And I am glad that I did, because I have been back on track the last two weeks and I am happy to report that I have made some more progress. So let's get to that, shall we?

I haven't taken official measurements since Week 8, so I thought it was time to. And I am glad that I did. I have lost more inches and more lbs! As of this morning I am down 19.4 lbs! I am sooooooooo close to hitting that 20 lb mark!!! Aaaaaggghhhhh! I am hoping to get there by next week. 

Unfortunately I don't think that I am going to make my goal of being 200 lbs by the time I go to Country Jam. I leave for Country Jam in 2 weeks and I would still need to lose another 13 lbs! Don't get me wrong, I am going to try, but I am not going to be disappointed if I don't make it, because I know that is asking a lot of my body and myself. 

Let's move on to some goals for the next week. Of course keep up with tracking my food on myfitnesspal(going on over 50 days of tracking!!) and keep up with drinking lots of water! It is starting to get super hot here, so that is very important, especially so I can stay hydrated! I want to try and hit my 10,000 steps a day goal, which means I need to get off my ass more during the day and away from my desk for some walks. It's nice enough that I can start walking or something at lunch now. And last but not least I want to start walking the stairs at work again. I used to do this all the time. I would do the stairs before and after every trip to the bathroom, but I didn't keep up with it, so I am going to try and start doing this again.

Okay lovelies! That's all I have for this week! Make sure to link up and tell us how you did! I love reading everyone's post and supporting you in anyway possible! Have a great day!



  1. Dude your partner is such a slacker on this, you should tell her to get her ish together. :) Great job girl!


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