Monday, March 24, 2014

Things Happen For A Reason

Normally I would have a weekend recap for you guys, but this has been weighing heavy on me all weekend. I just need to get this off my chest, so this of course is the one place that I feel comfortable doing that.

 I have been in a perpetual state of pissed off since Thursday evening.

It all started when I walked into the gym for Zumba on Thursday only to have my personal trainer stop me before I walked into the locker room. He wanted to give me a heads up that he was probably getting fired the next day and just wanted me to know so that I wasn't blind sided by it. And also because he wanted me to know that he wasn't just bailing. I was in shock. I couldn't believe that someone that was so good at their job could get fired. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. And all it did was piss me off.

Long story short, shit apparently hit the fan on Thursday when someone from the gym found a website that him and a friend of his had put together to try and get their own personal training business up and running. I am not sure how they found it, but they did and they weren't happy. They automatically assumed that he was training people outside of the gym and didn't even ask him about it to find out the truth. Instead they didn't allow him to work that day.

After hearing this I was extremely pissed off. I not only felt bad for him, but felt bad for his clients that they cancelled on. It just seemed like bad business, but they apparently didn't care. He told me that he was supposed to go in and talk with them the next morning(Friday) and that he would let me know after his meeting what was going on.

Friday morning rolls around and I get a text from him letting me know that he is no longer working at the gym. I'm not going to get into all the details of everything that went down because I wasn't there, but from what he did tell me, it wasn't good. And what the gym did was just wrong.

I am pissed for multiple reasons. First, because they didn't even talk to him first. They just assumed that since he had a website set up that he was automatically guilty. Second, there was no non-compete clause in his employment agreement/contract, so technically they had no right to terminate him for this. Unfortunately, Colorado is an at will state so they can terminate you for any reason they want. Third, I still had seven sessions with him that I had already paid for and was now not going to be able to use. My only options were to start training with another trainer or just lose out on my sessions and the money that I have already paid. And at this point, I am not about to start over with a new trainer. I have come so far with his help. He knows where I am at in this whole process. He knows what I am capable of and I don't feel that training with someone else would be beneficial to what I am trying to do right now.

I think above all the main reason that I am so pissed about this situation is that I feel like the gym itself did a really shitty thing. The way that they treated him pushed me over the edge to the point that I am not even sure that I want to be a member anymore. I know that seems kind of extreme, but if you knew my trainer like I do, you would understand why I feel this way. He is seriously one of the nicest, hardest working and most positive people I know. And he was treated like absolute crap. I have known this guy for five months and at this point I consider him to be my friend as well, so just knowing how he was treated by the place that I am paying to go workout every day, it just feels wrong even going there. I mean I went to the gym for Zumba on Saturday and even just pulling up to the place made me even more pissed off at the whole situation.

I am the type of person that if you do something to my family and friends, I get very protective and well, pissed off. So why would this be any different? Like I said, I consider him to be a friend. So my protective and pissed off mode kicked right in and I just can't seem to shake it.

The crazy part about all of this is that my trainer has been super positive through the whole thing. And has gone above and beyond to make sure that his clients are being taken care of. Before all of this had happened, we had already set up a session for Friday afternoon, so he made sure that I got my session in. We met on Friday afternoon and with barely any equipment, he still kicked my ass! He wasn't planning on starting his own business so quickly, but because of everything that has happened, he has decided to move forward with it. And I am happy that he is. And I will be following him to his new business! That is for sure!

And he is honoring the sessions that I still had left with him, even though I don't agree. I understand why he wants to do this for me, but at the same time I feel like I am taking money from him. I mean this is his job and how he lives. Yeah, I was going to be out some money, but I had already paid for those sessions and that money was already gone. And it isn't like I was counting on that money to help pay my bills. So of course me being who I am, I am going to try and get these session out of the way as quickly as possible so that I can start paying him again.

These last few days have been crazy with all of this going on and trying to figure out what I am going to do gym wise. But I know one thing for sure, things happen for a reason and this was apparently how things were supposed to go down. And who knows, this might actually be for the best. Only time will tell I guess. 



  1. OMG THIS SUCKS. I totally feel you, it is one of the hardest things to watch someone you care about and respect get treated like garbage. I am so sorry this happened to him. Obviously a gym like that has a skewed enough perspective that he will be better off somewhere else. I'm glad you still get your sessions with him!

  2. Wow! What a crazy story!! I think its great your going to stick with him- if he's as great as u say, im sure he'll drum up a good business in no time!


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