Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well hello Monday. I would say that I am happy to see you, but that would make me a liar. And nobody likes a liar. 

This weekend was well, not fun. It started on Thursday when I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and also had a dental implant done at the same time so I spent most of my weekend laying around with my mouth in pain.

Thursday morning the Hubby took me to my dental appointment and sat around and waited for me while they did my procedure. He then drove me home because I was completely out of it from the anesthesia. I remember them telling me that they were bringing in a wheel chair to take me down to the car, but I don't remember actually getting in the chair or the ride down to the car at all. I remember sitting outside the hospital and the guy asking me what color our car was and I told him silver, but I don't remember getting in the car, any of the ride home or even getting home and getting up the stairs and going into our room to lay down. 

I do remember however once I was up in our room. I was sitting on the side of the bed and Aran was trying to give me my medication that I needed to take. I put it in my mouth and took a drink of water and my mouth was still so numb that the water just spilled all over the front of me and completely soaked me. And then I proceeded to cry like a little girl. Yeah, that happened. Haha! The rest of the day I spent sleeping. I woke up to take my medication and that was pretty much the extent of my day. 

Friday was spent almost the same way as Thursday. I stayed in bed for most of the day. I got out for a little bit in the afternoon with my friend Victoria and her two little girls, but for the most part I laid in bed and watched Harry Potter and just relaxed. 

Saturday we got up and took Louie to the groomers and then headed to the Egg & I to have breakfast. At this point I was really tired of not being able to eat real food. So I thought I might try some French Toast, so I asked our waitress if she thought it would be squishy enough to eat and I explained why I was asking and she looked at me and said, "Well, we do have oatmeal." I was ready to kill her. When all you have been able to eat for two straight days is pretty much a liquid/mush diet, the last thing you want someone to tell you is that they have oatmeal when you are asking about French Toast!

Needless to say I was in a grumpy mood the rest of our breakfast. I ended up getting a pancake which with enough syrup was squishy enough for me to eat. After breakfast we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up some new shelves for the bathroom and then it was off to shop for a new toilet for our upstairs bathroom. It was a very romantic morning. Just saying. 

The rest of the day I spent laying down and sleeping. My mouth was really bothering me and laying down was really the only thing that helped.

Sunday I finally felt kind of like myself again. After sleeping in for a good portion of the morning, I decided to get up and try and get a few things done around the house. So I cleaned the living room and dining room up and then decided to head outside and soak up some of the beautiful sunshine that we had here in CO. I sat outside for a good hour and a half. It was so nice that I just couldn't fathom spending my time any other way.

After a while though I knew that I was probably getting sun burnt, so I came inside and did some more cleaning around the house. I also did massive amounts of laundry. Apparently it had been weeks since I had done any. Oops! After some more cleaning I ran out and did our grocery shopping for the week and also made a few other stops on my way home. The rest of the night I spent folding and putting away the rest of my laundry and tried to relax for the rest of the night.

It was a long weekend, but it definitely wasn't a fun one. I am so glad that I will never have to experience the whole wisdom teeth thing ever again.

How was your weekend?



  1. OMG who wants flippin oatmeal when you're asking about french toast?! I would have smacked her haha

  2. You can't fool Monday. Everyone hates him, and he just dealt with it like a trooper. Which is like you, dealing with your dental implants. But unlike Monday that arrives weekly, your dental implants are permanent, and shouldn't hurt once they've settled.
    Rich Boatman @


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