Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh Hail No!

Yesterday I told you guys that I had to go get my passenger side mirror fixed on my car. And I didn't really tell you what happened, just that it was a post for another day. Well how about today?! 

I remember this day very clearly. It was May 21st and I had just left On The Border where I had lunch with my Brother, my SIL, my youngest Niece and my Nephew. We had spent all day at my Nieces Field Day, so we were starving. so we grabbed some lunch. After lunch I decided to head to the gym before going home since it was on my way. 

When I got there it was nice and sunny out. It was gorgeous out. I didn't think anything of it. I went into the gym and proceeded to get my sweat on. I was just finishing up my workout when all of a sudden it got incredibly loud in the gym. It sounded like it was just raining really hard, but I thought I would check it out and make sure that everything was okay. So I went to the front of the gym and looked out the window to find that this was happening...

Queue freak out! My brand new, only had it for three months, car was sitting out in this awful hail storm. I was freaking out. Yes, I know I have insurance, but it is still hard to sit there and watch your car get pounded by hail. And I just kept thinking to myself, why couldn't I have just been lazy today? My car would have been home in the garage right now if I would have just decided to be lazy!

At this point there was nothing that I could do, so I finished my workout and then once the rain and the hail calmed the eff down, I headed out to my car.  When I got out there, I couldn't really see any damage, but it was still raining and the car was covered in water, so I figured I would take a look at it when I got it home and got in the garage. 

So I get in my car and I go to start it and for some reason I happened to look over at my passenger side mirror and this is what I saw...

I burst into tears. At this point I knew that if my mirror had this much damage that there was probably more all over the car. On my way home I called the insurance company to let them know what had happened and they filed my claim and all that good stuff. 

As I drove home and the car dried off, all of a sudden I started seeing little dings all over the hood of the car and all along the doors on the drivers side. I knew at that point that it wasn't going to be pretty. Once I got home and pulled into the garage and really got a good look at it, I just started crying again. My pretty new car was so beat up. And there was nothing I could do about it. 

Fast forward to a week and a half later and I was finally able to get in to get the estimate done on the damage. When it is all said and done, just over $8,000 worth of damage. Yikes! Thank god for a $250 deductible or that would have been a nightmare for me to pay for!

And to top it all off the body shop can't get my car in until July!! But I couldn't go without a mirror for that long, so I had my Dad order the part and got that fixed as soon as I could. 

I know it will all be fixed and the car will look brand new again, but it is still hard to deal with. You work so hard for something and you finally get it and then you try to take care of it and keep it as nice as possible and then something like this happens that you have no control over. That is life though I guess. 


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  1. That’s true. There are certain things that no one has control of, and hail storm is just one of those. Anyhow, this must’ve been very vexing. Fortunately, you were able to receive a claim from your insurance and repairs have been made on your side mirror and to everything else. Let’s just hope you don't run into the same problem again anytime soon. Take care!

    Ross Adkins @ Bullseye Auto Glass


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