Friday, July 22, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am very excited to tell all of you that a decision has been reached on the Bridesmaid dresses. You may remember back in March that I talked about a particular dress that I loved from The Dessy Group (You can find that post here.) It is called a twist wrap dress and it really does flatter every body type. Why? Because the dress has a ton of different styles that you can do with it. You aren't stuck with just one look. It really is an amazing dress and my girls loved it when they tried it on (You can look at the dress and all of its options here.)

Originally our thought was that if we liked the concept of the dress and how it looked on everyone, that we would try and find it cheaper on Etsy. Well, the more we talked about it, there were just too many things that would have to factor in to us deciding to purchase it on Etsy. Some of these factors were the fabric that it would be made with, finding the right color of brown, the price, how long it would take to get here, etc, etc. While all of these discussions were going on Aran's sister actually ordered this type of dress from an Etsy shop. And the dress was amazing, but there were two things that had me really stressed about ordering from Etsy. First, the price. The one that she bought cost about $180 and it was probably worth every penny. I mean the quality of the dress was amazing, but that is a lot of money to have to ask someone to spend on a dress. The second thing that had me a little stressed out was that it took her dress forever to get to her for the occasion that she needed it for and almost didn't have it in time. Granted, a large part of this was due to the fact that the Etsy shop owner was in Canada and right around the time that she sent the dress was when the Canadian Postal strike happened. So her original dress was stuck in Canada, so the lady had to make her a new one and re send it using a different carrier. 

Now I know that this is probably a one time thing with the shipping incident, but I decided I didn't even want to deal with the stress of trying to purchase 5 dresses on Etsy. Especially since I would have to requests fabric swatches to see the color and the feel of the fabric. It just seemed like too much work and too many things to stress about. With that being said, I have decided that we will be going with the dress from the boutique from The Dessy Group. Now the dresses from The Dessy Group are originally $140. But, the boutique where I ordered my dress gave me a folder with all kinds of coupons and great deals on local vendors and in there was a coupon for 10% off each of the Bridesmaid dresses. Score! So they will be around $126 which is a pretty good price if you ask me. I paid more than that for some of the dresses that I have worn in my friends weddings.

Courtesy of The Dessy Group

I am so excited that we finally decided on a dress and I really do hope that everyone loves it since they can make it look however they want. What have some of your stresses been with picking out a bridesmaid dress? Did you buy your dresses from Etsy or somewhere else online? 


  1. Love love love your decision!! I wanted these dresses for our girls, too! They're so fun and can totally be worn again, later :) Awesome pick!!

  2. Great decision, those are very popular since girls all have the same dress, yet they can still be a little creative and where them however fits their body type the best and allows them to be a little creative!

  3. Such an awesome dress. I've seen it on a few wedding shows that I watch and it always ends up so flattering because of all the ways you can wear it and I love that it's not too matchy matchy.


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