Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Candy Buffet

Almost two years ago in August, I attended my friend Sarah's wedding. At that point Aran and I were no where near getting engaged or talking about a wedding, but I am a girl and we think about things like weddings even when we are not engaged. So of course I was taking in everything and gathering thoughts and ideas for when the day would come that I would actually need them. The one thing that stuck out the most to me was the candy buffet that they had set up as a favor for the guests. I thought it was the cutest idea in the world and not only that, but I had never seen one before. Ever since that day, I was determined that I would have one at my wedding, whenever that would be.

Well, of course when Aran and I actually started talking about the wedding, the candy buffet was one of the first things out of my mouth. And Aran of course had no problem with this, well because lets face it, who doesn't love candy? So the planning process began. First we talked about how many different kinds we should have and then of course, what should they be. That part to me was the part I was not worried about. Picking candy? Easy! The part that I am having trouble with is how should I decorate this table? Where can I find some cute labels to label the candy? Should I spruce up the jars? Where can I find the jars? Should I put some type of table runner or pretty fabric for the jars to rest on? A million questions and ideas kept running through my mind and I wasn't sure where to start, but then I figured we might as well start at the beginning and try and find the jars first.

I called my friend Sarah and asked her where they found the jars that they used and she told me that they bought them at Ross. So we started searching for them. Well one day I received a text from her with a picture of a glass jar and it was from Sarah informing me that one of the Ross stores in town had some of the jars again. So Aran and I ran over there to see what they had. I believe we ended up buying 3 jars that day and two of them were on clearance! Even better! Since then we have found another two or three and I believe that we have decided that is enough. We will see though. Knowing us we will find more on sale and decide that we could use more of them.

I love the tags on these!
Found via Google

I have also found the little favor boxes that the candy will go into. At first we were thinking that we would use the little chinese take out boxes, but we couldn't find any that we liked enough to want to spend the outrageous amount of money on that most people were asking. Then one day the best friend/Matron of Honor and I went to Michael's and were browsing the clearance section and there they were, these cute brown and cream colored favor boxes. And of course I couldn't pass them up so I bought enough to have 100 boxes total. When we got them home and actually put them together, they were smaller than I had imagined they would be, but the more and more we talked about it, we decided that they were actually about the right size. The only modifications that we will be making to them is that the ribbon color will be changed on them. The ribbon that came with them is a cream color and we want to add a little bit more of a pop to them so we are going to change the ribbons to pink and teal. They also came with little cards that you could print your name and wedding date on that attach to the front of the box. I have searched and searched for a picture of these, but alas the internet has failed me today. I will try and take one myself here soon!

So things are finally starting to come together on this project. Of course we still need to decide on and buy the candy and the scoops, but that is basically it. Now, I just have to figure out how to decorate this table and we will be good to go!

Are any of you doing a candy buffet? What kind of candy should we get? Do you have tips on how to decorate this type of table? Or do you know where I can find some cute labels?


  1. If we ever have a vow renewal/wedding ceremony {whatever you want to call it lol since were already married} I must have a candy buffet! So much fun.

  2. I had thought about doing a candy buffett too but my sister had one and I was afraid it would look like I was copying her. But I am a candy-a-holic so our favors and escort cards will be candy related.

  3. Those are such cute ideas! As a girl, I know exactly what you meant when you said even when you're not engaged you think about weddings. I've been thinking about them for years and every time I change my mind. I wonder what my actually wedding will be like ;) Hopefully it happens soon since I've been with the BF for almost 7 years now! Good luck!

    xo katie elizabeth


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