Friday, July 29, 2011

Odds N' Ends

I know, I have been a horrible person and have not really posted much within the last week. Sorry about that! I do have a few updates on a couple of the small details of our wedding. 

We picked out this cake cutting set last weekend while we were doing our registry. I love it. I love the simplicity of it. I may add a ribbon to the handles, if I do anything at all.

Cake Cutting Set

We have also picked out our toasting flutes. Now, we have actually had these picked out for a while but they have been out of stock on Waterford's website. Well, they aren't out of stock on Bed, Bath, & Beyonds, so we will probably be ordering them through them instead. And actually, Aran was the one that picked these out. He did a great job!

Toasting Flutes


Guest Book

I have not found a guest book that I have fallen in love with yet. I keep looking on Etsy but they are either too expensive for what I think is an acceptable price, or they just don't jump out at me. So, I am still on the search for this. If you have any suggestions for where I can get a great guest book, please leave your suggestion in the comments.


Ahhhh jewelry. This is going to be the most difficult thing for me to pick out. I have been looking all over the place and nothing is really "speaking" to me if you understand what I am saying. I went to Nordstrom's last weekend with Aran's Mom and didn't find anything there either. I have been searching Etsy and again, nothing is just jumping out to me. Luckily, Aran's Mom suggested that we go to this place called Bead It and make my jewelry. At this point I think that is the only option, because I know that I will truly love it then. Oh and if you are wondering what I am looking for, I am looking for something that has pink pearls and comes to a point with something that drops off of that point if that makes any sense. I think this will look best with my sweetheart neckline. So something along the lines of this, but with pink pearls in it instead of all diamonds or jewels.

Found via Google Image Search

Any suggestions for where I can find something like this but with pearls? And I would really like to try it on as well. I don't want to order it online because I feel like you just don't know until you try it on. 

Have you found any of these things for your wedding yet? Where did you get yours? 

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  1. i love your flutes and cake cutting set :) they're great! as for the necklace, i googled for a little while and didn't find anything. i think your best (and cheapest) bet will be to make your own. it'll be fun too and you can tell everyone you designed it! :)


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