Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Direction with Flowers

For some reason last night, something hit me and I have completely changed my mind on what I want for my flowers. Previously I had been wanting calla lilies for my bouquet and hydrangeas for my bridal party. Well, the hydrangeas are still going to be for the bridal party, but they are going to be in a different color, and I am now wanting hydrangeas for my bouquet as well. 

Picture this in a dark pink
This all started last night when I was looking through some pictures online. I don't know why I was looking through them, I guess boredom, but I came across a picture of pink hydrangeas with pink roses in a bouquet together and I fell in love. When I looked at this bouquet I could just see me with it and not only that, but I could see the three butterflies that will be placed in the bouquet to represent my Grandparents that can't be with us that day. I could just see it! 

Now, originally I was going to have the bridal party have pink hydrangeas because I feel like the bouquets should be symmetrical and so I thought that the hydrangeas would be perfect, well, I still feel that way, but I am going to have there hydrangeas be white instead since I am having pink ones in mine. Or maybe even a mix. I will talk to our florists and see what she thinks would work best. Our first meeting with her is on the 13th of August, so I will have some updates on this after that point. 

What are you doing for your flowers? Have you changed your mind about them a few times?

I like this one but in a darker pink
for the Hydrangeas

Again, picture this in a darker pink

This one is fake, but it represents
the overall idea of what I am
going for

White Hydrangeas for the Bridal Party

*All pictures were found using Google Image Search


  1. Those are gorgeous bouquets. I just love hydrangeas..they are such a perfect flower, and so pretty in arrangements.

  2. i love the change in flowers! they're going to look great :)

    oh and ps, when you get a chance, would you mind going to this link and comment at the bottom? mathew and i really want to win this contest for a free wedding video :) thanks girlie!

  3. I don't know much about flowers but these are nice. :-)


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