Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Registry

On Saturday we set out to try and take care of our wedding registry. Little did we know, it was going to be one of the most exhausting things we have ever done.We went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond with Aran's Mom on Saturday afternoon for what we thought would be kind of a fun thing to do, and really it was more tiring than anything.

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When we first got there, we decided to just browse the store a little to kind of get a feel for what we liked and what we didn't like. Aran's Mom walked us through the pots and pans section and kinda gave us the 411 on pots and pans and gave us a few suggestions of what we should get. After that we found our way back towards the Dinnerware and browsed that area for a little while before we decided to finally go talk to the people about registering. Once we filled out the necessary paperwork, the lady walked us through all of the dinnerware and talked to us about the different types and what was good and what we should stay away from. She was really helpful and we ended up picking out some dishes that we both really loved and the good thing about the dishes that we picked is that they are open stock so you can pick and choose what pieces of the set you want to register for. You don't have to register for the place setting and get a mug or something that you may not use. I think I am most excited about the pasta bowls that they had in this set. I think if we only got the pasta bowls and nothing else, I would be happy, haha!

Next, it was on to the flatware. This proved to be pretty difficult only because Aran and I couldn't agree on what particular set. I liked one set and he liked another. In the end, I let him decide which one he wanted because to me they are just silverware and he ended up picking out the cheaper ones anyway which I was quite all right with. At this point, you could tell that we were all really starting to fade. We made our way over to the glasses and serving dishes. I picked out quite a few serving pieces that I really liked and Aran agreed that he liked them just as much. Sweet, that was easy is what I was thinking and then came the glassware debate. Of course I liked one thing and he liked another. So we ended up putting both sets on there. Compromise!

Again, we were starting to get more and more tired by this point, but we decided to continue on. We went over to where more of the kitchen gadgets were and we spent a good twenty minutes in that area and put quite a few more things on the registry. After that, we were done and decided that it was time to leave so that we could eat.

By no means are we probably even close to being done with this. We are definitely going to have to go back because we didn't even get pots and pans on there. And of course we have other places that we want to go register at. Williams Sonoma has been calling our names! For any of you who haven't done this, I would highly suggest splitting this up into a couple of days. I would make a list before you go in and decide on what you would like to look at that day and then for the second day and so on. And if you are going with Bed, Bath, & Beyond you can go to their website and print out a list that will help you with this. You can find that here. I do not recommend turning this into a marathon event. Take your time and remember that you can always add or delete things later.

Something else I am trying to really be conscious about when we do this is that there is a wide variety of prices. Not everyone will be able to spend $100 on a gift for you, so I am trying to make sure that there are enough items that are on the lower end as well. I think this is very important when you are thinking about what to register for. We were also told that we should register for about two items per guest.

Have you done your registry yet? Did you find it difficult to choose what to put on there? How many places are you registering and what are they? About how many items are you putting or have you already put on your registry?


  1. I'm sorry to hear your registry experience was so tiring! What we did was split our registry day up in half. We did some at one store (bedding, bath, living room accessories) and then went home and relaxed, and then later that evening went to another store. I think breaking it up is the best thing to do, so don't be worried that you didn't do it all at once :) We registered at 3 places: Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond (both low to moderately priced) and Dillards (for our more expensive stuff). I hope that helps!

  2. We have yet to register and we must do it soon, but I am nervous that it will be tiring and by the end I'll just start scanning away at anything just to be done. The knot provides a list that you can print that gives you a checklist of the essentials you should register for. And I agree its nice to have a few different price points for your guests!


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