Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friends & Meeting a Pro

Hey guys! Okay, I know, I was supposed to have some more recaps up this week. Problem is, I haven't had time to sit down and write them. Sorry!!! I am going to try and get a few done tonight and get one up tomorrow and hopefully one for Friday.

I have two pretty great excuses for not getting these recaps up the past couple of days though. The first excuse and probably the best one is that one of my best friends was here from out of town on Saturday. So we spent all day Saturday hanging out and doing fun stuff before she had to leave. I will try to do a post on that later. 

My second excuse is that Sunday we spent the afternoon standing in line to meet one of our fave football players, Demaryius Thomas. For those of you who don't speak football or do and just don't know who he is, he was the Wide Receiver that caught the game winning pass from Tim Tebow in the Broncos playoff game against the Steelers this past season. He was doing a meet and greet at a new Xfinity store in the town where I live and the store just happens to be next door to our apartment complex. So yeah, we stood in line for a while to meet this guy. It was worth it! I will leave you with some pics of us meeting him...

Miles the Mascot

Almost to the front of the line

Demaryius "Bay Bay" Thomas

Signing a picture for me

Signing a picture for Bret
This is his fave player so he was excited

Shaking hands

The Hubby getting his football signed

My signed pic


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