Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Rehearsal & A Dinner

Our rehearsal for the wedding took place on the Friday afternoon before the wedding. Me and three of my bridesmaid arrived at the church with just a few minutes to spare after taking the afternoon to set up a few things at our reception venue. When we arrived, one of my other bridesmaids, Victoria, had just arrived so the four of us rushed inside so that I could change.

After changing we headed into the church. Almost everyone was there, but we were still waiting on a few people, so while we were waiting, I took the time to catch up with a few people, especially my Mom since this was the first time that I had seen her in a while.

Once everyone arrived, we were ready to get started. Of course, I forgot to have someone take pictures of this whole rehearsal process, but I am pretty sure that it would have just bored everyone so no harm no foul right? I will tell you this though, I felt a little lost throughout the rehearsal. I had only ever been to one other Catholic wedding so I was just trying to take everything in and remember what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be standing. It was a little overwhelming, but I managed to get through.

Once rehearsal was over, we headed to the clubhouse across the street from Aran's parents house, where we were having dinner. Aran's Mom and Sister had been cooking for two days for everyone and I was really excited because the food all looked so yummy. And it definitely was. I had a hard time eating that night though and I think it was because of all of the excitement and nerves. But we all definitely had fun talking and catching up. Here are some pictures from that night. And just a warning some of them are kind of blurry. Oops!

Everybody waiting for the food

The other side of the room waiting for the food 

Veronica, Lou and Victoria

The soon to be family-in-law

Our ring bearer and our flower girls playing together

This is why I love my friends!

Mr. Cool

Best Man Bret and Groomsmen James

Veronica and Lou

Sis-in-law and my Mom

My little sister, my sis- in-law and my big bro!
Nice face Cassie!

Flower arrangement that Aran's Mom had made up for
the rehearsal. 

Overall, it was a great night filled with lots of family and friends and lots of food. The dinner didn't go very late because we were all really tired at this point so we all decided to head back to our hotels and houses so that we could get some sleep. Ending the night early was a good call, but it definitely made Aran and I forget to give out our gifts to our guys and girls! Oops! So we ended up giving everyone their gifts the next day. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this because things were way too crazy. Damn! I am just not doing well on the picture front. Sorry again!

Well thanks again for stopping by everyone! Friday I will be back with a post about the gifts that we put together for our Bridesmaids and our Groomsmen. I hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. You did exactly what you were supposed to do. Live in the moment. You didn't need to worry about taking pics and all that. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. I have to say I'm super impressed with Aran's mom's flower gorgeous! Looks like a successful and fun rehearsal dinner!


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