Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Zillion Phone Calls & Emails Later

Remember all of the problems we were having with our wedding photographers? And how they weren't wanting to work with us at all? I don't even know how many emails and phone calls were swapped, but they didn't want to help us or even budge on the price at all. Even though they screwed up, they wouldn't admit it and fix the problem.

I finally got to a point where I said screw it and I just want my damn pictures. I sent them their money and I was ready to be done with the whole damn thing. Two days after I had sent off a check, we received a phone call from Aran's dad, my now father-in-law. He told us that he had called and talked to the lady that we had been talking with for the past month or so. He told us that he told her all of the reasons why we were upset with the services that we received and that they weren't going to stay in business very long if they couldn't provide their customers with some type of customer service.

She apparently admitted that the two photographers that we used finally admitted that no one had talked to them about the flash and that they figured that the pictures would be fine and that they thought that they didn't have enough time to put a flash unit on their camera. Uhh, are you kidding me, that takes all of what, 20 seconds to do? So she did apologize for that and for the printer not working very well at the photo booth. She then told my father-in-law that she would be contacting me so that we could figure something out to make things right.


Why did it take my father-in-law calling and talking to them and telling them all of the problems that we had for her to come around? I am pretty sure that we had already told her all of those things! Ugh!! It is so frustrating, but we did finally get an apology from them and an offer for a free 100 page hard cover album. So we took them up on it. We were going to make some albums ourselves for our parents and one for us, but now they are making the one that we will be keeping. And apparently they usually charge their customers $350 for this album, so I don't think it is too bad of a deal.

**If you would like to check out what this album looks like, here is the link to the video that they sent us;**

I am just glad that this whole thing is over and that we finally have our pictures. So like I said on Friday, I am working on trying to get the first round of recaps done this weekend so that they can begin on Monday. Wish me luck everyone! Have a great weekend and I hope that you have amazing weather where you are!


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