Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunting Down Tuxedos

Continuing on with our Wedding Recaps today, I originally had a different post planned for today. However I realized as I was trying to remember all the events that occurred this day that there was something that was kind of a pain in the ass that I left out. So, I wanted to share this story with you so that hopefully you can learn from what happened with my situation.

So it all started when my then Fiance', Aran, decided that he was going to go on a diet before our wedding. I didn't understand this because he was already a bean pole, but he did and somehow lost almost 20 lbs, which I am very proud of him for. Well because of this, we had to have him refitted for his tux when we went in to have my brother fitted for his. Long story short, he needed a different size shirt. So they went ahead and put in the change.

While we were there I was verifying with Men's Wearhouse where all of the tuxes were going to be sent. I had them change the location of Aran's pickup to the one that we were currently at because we didn't know if we were going to have time to get to the other store that was located near where we were getting married. And I wanted to make sure that my Step-Dad's tux was coming to the correct store as well since he was fitted in Minnesota. I heard the guy on the phone changing the pick up locations. And I even verified again before we left the store where the tuxes were supposed to be going and again they told me everything that I had asked for and told us that they would let us know when the tuxes arrived.


So the Thursday before the wedding rolls around and a few of our guys and the groom were starting to wonder where there tuxes were. We hadn't been notified that they were there and we were starting to get worried. So I called Men's Wearhouse and found out that they had been there since Tuesday. The person on the phone had no idea who's tuxes were there though so I had him go check so that I knew who I needed to contact so that they could go in and pick theirs up. I also asked why we hadn't been notified and they said that they don't personally notify you and that an email is generated when the tuxes are checked in to the store or some stupid crap like that. Okay, well if we don't ever receive the email then how are we supposed to know? Just a thought!

Anywho, the guy came back on the phone and told me which tuxes were there. Most of them were there except for Aran's and my Step-Dad's. But, Aran's new shirt was there. Huh? How did his shirt end up in one place and his tux in the other? And where was my Step-Dad's? So again the guy puts me on hold for a few minutes and then comes back on the phone and tells me that Aran's tux is at the store where we originally had him fitted and that my Step-Dad's is at a different store on the other side of town. I was about to lose it at this point. I had specifically checked on all of these because of this very reason, but somehow all of it had been screwed up.

So the Friday morning before the wedding, Lou, Veronica and I spent a good portion of the morning running around to different Men's Wearhouse's in our town to pick up everything that I could. I had to go to one to pick up my Step-Dad's and then I had to go all the way across town to pick up my grooms shirt and my Brother and my Dad's tuxes. And then Aran had to go pick up the rest of his suite later that day in a town that was an hour away, which wasn't a huge deal because that is where we were getting married, but at the same time this left no time for us to have something fixed if something was wrong. Luckily everything was okay, but I did not appreciate having to run all over town and track down these dang tuxedos.

In the end everything worked out, but it really was just a pain in the ass and not something that I wanted to deal with the day before our wedding. But hey at least we didn't end up with our tuxedos looking like this...


So my advice for all of you future Brides out there is to double and even triple check that your tuxedos are going to the correct location. Especially if you have people coming in from out of town or if you have to have someone refitted. It may make your couple days before the wedding less stressful. 

Thanks for stopping by again today everyone! I will be back on Friday with another recap of what else went on the day before our wedding. Have a great day everyone!


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  1. What a pain! But so glad everything worked out as it is supposed to :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  2. Oh what a pain in the ass! I would have been livid. That's horrible that you had to run all over the place! All our boys got fitted at the same place, but you better believe that I am going with them to pick them up! I'm not waiting until the wedding to find out that their tux is wrong! Glad you got it all figured out though!

  3. oh my gosh! that would be so rough.

    and seriously for 1.2 seconds i thought that was a real picture of your husband and one of the groomsmen. i was like wooooow. :)

    happy wednesday to you friend!


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