Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Recap

Is it just me or does the day after your Birthday suck? I think it is because you realize that you have to wait another 364 days before you feel super important and spoiled again. Damn! That seems like a long time away. Oh well, until next year I guess.

My Birthday was pretty amazing. Minus having to work of course. "I love working on my Birthday!" said no one EVER! I treated myself to a horribly bad for me lunch at Qdoba! Yum! And we had a joint Birthday celebration in my department. We also celebrated my boss' Birthday, since his was on Sunday and this was his first day back in the office. And my coworkers bought me a cake, a Red Velvet cake to be exact. So of course I had to have some of that. I couldn't be rude and not eat any :)

The card that my co worker made for me. It's gorgeous!

After I left work, I went home and met the Hubby there for a little bit. We then headed to Red Robin for dinner with some friends. I know Red Robin isn't like a fancy place or anything, but you get a free burger on your Birthday, so why not take full advantage of that? Haha! That is the penny pincher in me talking of course. Free is always better, just saying!

After dinner we  went to Target so that I could pick out one of my Birthday presents. I picked out Michael Buble's Christmas!! And our friend Bret bought me the Glee Christmas CD Volume 3!!! I have lots of Christmas music listening to do!

After Target, we headed back to our place so that we could consume the delicious cupcakes that the Hubby bought for me! There is a bakery downtown that I just absolutely love called Cake Crumbs. And it just so happened that they were doing a special yesterday for the awesome day that it was. 12 cupcakes for just $12 from 12 PM to 12:59 PM. So the Hubby went down and got a bunch of different ones so that we could try all kinds of different flavors!!

We ended up only eating one of the Red Velvets and one of the Maple Bacon, but they were delicious! We ended the night by curling up on the couch and watching a few of our favorite shows! It was definitely a great Birthday! I hope that each Birthday after this is as great as this one!



  1. Glad you had a great day! Everything looks delicious! And the day after your birthday does totally suck. That's why I usually plan my bday celebration with my friends for the weekend AFTER. Haha

  2. bahaha! it cracks me up that you went to Red Robin for the free burger; not because I think it's ridiculous....but because it is such a "Megan" thing to do. I'm glad you had a good birthday. Love you!

  3. What a happy birthday!! Sounds like a pretty great day :)

  4. Well despite having to work, it sounds like you had a great birthday! That card your coworker made for you is gorgeous!! You should frame that!


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