Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Letters

So thankful that it is finally Friday! Let's celebrate with some Friday Letters, shall we?


Dear Christmas Cards,
You seriously are adorable, but I hate having to actually sit down and write something on each card. My hand gets all cramped and stuff, I don't appreciate it much. But I do love knowing that people will get them and hopefully like that I wrote a hand written message on them. 

Dear Louie,
You are seriously the cutest damn dog ever!! And we love you so much. You are definitely part of the family now. Especially since I bought you a Christmas stocking last night!

Dear Snow,
You can show up at any time now. I know that we are only supposed to get an inch or two out of you this time around, but hey if you decide that you want to drop like a foot, you will receive no complaints from me.

Dear Payroll,
I hate you right now. Why did you have to fall on a Holiday this time around. Now, I have to come in next weekend to process you so that we can all get paid on time. And although I do enjoy getting paid, I don't appreciate having to spend some of my weekend at work.

Dear Husband,
I am very proud of you for getting all of your Christmas shopping done for your family. Now if you could just finish shopping for me, that would be great. K? Thanks!

Dear Michael Buble', 
Your voice melts my heart! And I LOVE your Christmas CD. You sound so much like Frank Sinatra and it just makes me a very happy girl!

Dear Mom and Brad,
Please make it out for Christmas! We haven't seen you guys since our wedding last year and we miss you so much. And you haven't got to meet Miss Rylei yet, or see our new house or meet our new dog. You have to come home!

Dear Best Friends,
Why do you guys have to live so far away? I hate it! I mean Alaska and Hawaii? You guys just had to pick the two farthest states away(okay I am over exaggerating on this one a bit) and I miss you guys so much. I miss getting to spend this time of year with you guys. I miss our Christmas Cookie Decorating parties and watching movies and playing in the snow at school. I wish we all lived closer. Love you guys!

Dear other Best Friend Nicole,
Please move up here, like stat! I know you said you might be heading this way this summer, but that just isn't soon enough for me! I need you here now!!!

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  1. That sucks about your friends. I would be so upset if my friends lived so far away. Well... a couple of them would be nice, but I'm sure I would still miss them.

  2. cute letters! writing personal notes on christmas cards is definitely worth it! you have a darling blog! so happy to be following along now..XO


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