Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite things to do this time of year. I love getting new ornaments. And I love pulling out the old ones and remembering some of the memories that they hold. 

On Sunday when we brought our tree home, I couldn't wait to decorate it. So after we got it in the house, I pulled out all of the lights and the decorations for the tree and started going to town. 

I started with the lights. We decided to do multi-colored and white lights this year. I am glad we went this way. I think it looks great! And then of course I put the star on the tree. This particular star is actually the same star that my Parents had for years and used every year when I was younger. I loved seeing it on a tree again. It brought back a lot of memories. 

It was time for the ornaments!! This is always my favorite part. I like picking out a spot for each ornament. Of course we had to put some of our more breakable ones toward the top since we have two Kitties that love to knock the ornaments off the tree. And this year we have quite a few new ornaments that I would be really heart broken if they were to get destroyed.

We are trying to get a new ornament every year and with us getting married this year, I may have gone a little overboard. I got us a Happily Ever After ornament when we were at Disney World. And I also found an ornament at Hobby Lobby that said "Our Wedding" and had the year on it. And then I also got us a personalized ornament for the year. We try to get a new personalized one for every year, but so far we have only gotten one for '07, '10 and '12. We missed a few years in there. Oops! And I'm still searching for a few other ornaments. Like one to document us buying our house!

And of course I had to show you guys the ornaments we made of our kitties paw prints the first year that we had them. I pulled them out the other night and just stared at them and couldn't believe how little they were. Now they are huge, and are monsters sometimes, but we love them more than we did two years ago.

I love how our tree turned out! It is beautiful and I am so glad that we went with a real one and decided to decorate with the ornaments that we have picked out together over the years. Now, if I can only keep my kitties from carrying out another ornament massacre like the one I woke up to the other morning, my tree will be perfect for all of our Christmas festivities!



  1. Gorgeous tree!!! I really like the color with the white lights! And that happily ever after ornamnet is the cutest! Sorry for all the exclamations, lol. I hope your kitties stay out of the tree too!

  2. Your tree looks great! I love all of the personalized ornaments. This is also our first married Christmas so I need to get an ornament to document it.


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