Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Letters

I am soooo excited that it is Friday! I am a day and a half away from having four and a half days off!!! Woooooooooo!!!!!!! Yep, I am a wooooooo girl :)

Let's start the day off with some Friday Letters!


Dear Hubby,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for giving me my Christmas present early last night. It made making all those cookies for work today soooooo much easier. And I absolutely love it! It looks gorgeous sitting on our counter in all of it's pink gloriousness!

Dear Payroll(again),
I am still not very happy with you that you decided to land on a Holiday. Because you decided to do this, my butt has to be at work tomorrow to process payroll so that we can all get our monies! Damn you!!!!!!!

Dear Christmas,
Holy freaking crap! I can't believe you will be here in four days. Where has the time gone? I am so excited though. The only two things that will make this Christmas even better than it is already going to be are;
1. If my Mom could come home and spend it with us.
2. If it would snow. This is looking pretty good. The forecast so far is calling for it :) Eeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!

Dear House, 
Please start cleaning yourself. I don't have time to keep cleaning you every week. Seriously, this is getting out of control.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for all of the Christmas cards! I am loving them. I love how they all look hanging up in our kitchen. Makes it feel more festive in there. 

Dear Self,
After these Holidays are over, it is back to healthy eating and going to the gym. No more of this sabotage shiz you have been doing lately. You can and will get back on track!

That is all I have for today lovelies. Have a great day and an even greater weekend!!! And Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. yay for your mixer!!! Love the color :)

  2. OMG super jealous that you got to use yours! I've had mine for months and it is still in the box. Sad face!


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