Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back On The Bandwagon

Truthfully, I have fallen off the healthy bandwagon once again. Country Jam really derailed me. Four days of inconsistent eating and eating nothing but snacks or junk that was available to us really threw me for a loop. 

I thought for sure that when I got back that I would be able to hop right back on track and be ready to tackle and accomplish my goals. Yeah, not so much. And considering that it has been a month to the day that I came back from Country Jam, yeah it hasn't happened yet. 

I apparently do not have as good of self control as I thought. Or will power for that matter. But ya know what? That's okay. I'm human and we make mistakes. And we learn from those mistakes. So that's what I am ready to do. I am ready to learn from my mistakes and get back to becoming a better, healthier and hopefully leaner version of me. 

The good thing is that I only gained a few of the lbs back that I had previously lost. Four lbs to be exact. But I know that if I work hard and concentrate on eating the way that I should, I can get rid of those four lbs in no time and be right back on track. 

No excuses anymore. I am done making them. I am tired of being a "big" girl. I am tired of being that girl that can't find clothes that fit right, or who dreads having to buy a bathing suite because I never feel comfortable in them. I am tired of feeling like other people are staring at me and making comments about my weight. I am tired of making excuses for myself. It's getting old and tiring. I want to do this for me. I want to look and feel amazing! I want that satisfaction of knowing that I worked hard and earned everything I worked for! 

And I am the only one that can do anything about it. And I know that. So no more bitching and complaining about how I hate that I can't have this or that. No more bitching about how much I hate working out! I'm done making excuses. Period. 

I can't wait to see how much I can achieve now that I am in the right state of mind. I can't wait to see what I am capable of doing. And I definitely can't wait to see the changes that all my hard work will equate to when it comes to my body. I know one thing though, it will absolutely be worth every drop of sweat. Every sore muscle. Every ache and pain that I feel. 



  1. I hear you!! I've been working out a decent amount, but letting myself eat anything and everything - because I worked out!! I decided today to give up sweets for a week and see if that makes a difference!! Good luck getting back on track - you can do it!

  2. Switching up my routine on a vacation (or something similar) always hurts me, too. I'm terrible with using the "I'm on vacation!" Excuse. Good for you for keeping it going!


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