Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Isn't July!

I feel like I am being deceived. By the month of July.


Well first of all, it's already the freaking 18th! Where the heck did this month go? Before you know it, this month will be over and the summer will almost be over. But I am kind of okay with this because that means that Fall is getting closer and I LOVE Fall!

And second, the weather has been so nice and comfortable that it just doesn't feel like July. We have been getting rain like crazy(thank you Lord!) and the temperature has been in the low 80's sometimes in the high 70's and it is just the perfect temperature. It's not too hot and not too cold and I am absolutely loving it. 

This is cool for us!
And it has been getting cold at night too. So cold that with the fans on in our bedroom, we have been freezing and having to use our winter comforter to stay warm. And the dog and both of the cats are wanting to snuggle, so you know it's cold. Usually during this time of the year they won't come anywhere near our bed at night because it is too hot, but not this summer. 

I promise I am not complaining. Actually I feel like I am bragging, but only a little. I really hope this weather sticks around. It's nice not feeling like a constant sweaty mess while driving around town (no AC in our vehicles. Have I mentioned I need a new car?).

Of course now I say this and it will probably be balls hot out. Fingers crossed that it stays this way. Hope you guys are having a great Thursday!



  1. Dude, we are melting in MA. I would love to have your weather!! That being said, I am quite excited for fall as well.

  2. I might need to move to Colorado, your weather is always better than ours!!


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