Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Country Jam Day 2

Day 2 of Country Jam was definitely one of my favorite days. There were so many great artists in the line up that we were so excited to see all of them. So we once again got everything packed up in the truck and headed over to the Country Jam grounds. 

When we got there, we went and found our seats right away and then decided that it was already a good time for a drink. So we headed over to the Southern Comfort booth and got ourselves some SoCo Hurricanes (Frozen Daquiries.) They were delicious and definitely hit the spot in the hot sun.

The first artist that was up that day was Dustin Lynch. Oh my goodness, what a freaking gorgeous man. And  oh was he freaking built. And he was wearing a pink shirt, which I firmly believe is the most masculine thing a guy can do.  But that's just me. Anywho, he was pretty amazing. He was so energetic and so much fun to watch. And his voice, OMG! It makes me melt. He is definitely someone I would love to see in concert again.

Dustin Lynch
Next up was Florida Georgia Line. I was so freaking excited to see them. And that was one of the main reasons that we got there so early to get a good seat. Unfortunately, us getting their early and actually getting a seat didn't mean crap because when they started playing, all of these people who hadn't been sitting there all damn day like us, just shoved their way past us and stood right in front of all of us that had been there. It was ridiculous. And they were so rude about it. They would just shove right past you, throw your chair out of the way, step on all of your stuff, whatever they had to do to get to the front of this section.

At some point I had to tell myself to get over it because there was nothing that I could do and that I just needed to enjoy myself and enjoy the show that was going on. Unfortunately once again, I couldn't see the stage, but I could see the jumbo tron again and I could hear them and they were AMAZING! What's crazy about them is that when they were booked for Country Jam like 6 months ago, they weren't super popular, but since then they have blown up, so they ended up having a huge crowd, which isn't always the case for the artists that go on that early in the day. So that was pretty cool! I hope I get to see them again one day. 

This is a picture from Florida Georgia Line's Facebook from that
day at Country Jam. I was definitely in that crowd somewhere. 
After Flordia Georgia Line, my friend spotted one of her other friends and we had told them what happened during the last show and not being able to see, and it just so happened that her friend was sitting right up against the fence(where no one could get in front of you) and she had extra room, so they invited us up to sit with them!! I was beyond excited because that meant that I was actually going to be able to see the stage for the next two shows.

Gary Allen was next up on stage. Although I know a lot of his songs, I wasn't dying to see him. But he still put on a great show. We had a lot of fun watching his show and just singing and dancing along to everything. And I think being able to see made it even better.

Once Gary Allen was done, we sat patiently and waited for the headliner for that night who I was so incredibly excited to see. Yep, that's right! It was Miranda Lambert!!!!!!!!!! I told you guys a while back that the Pistol Annies were supposed to play in this spot but had to cancel so Miranda took their place. I was definitely okay with this switch and let me just say, she DID NOT disappoint! Holy crap! It was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen! We were all screaming and singing and dancing along and I just had an absolute blast! And I just love how she is such a fire cracker and I just love her! She is amazing!

She is definitely one that I will want to see every time that she comes to town. Unfortunately in my excitement, I forgot that I had my good camera with me and I didn't take any pictures with it. I tried taking some on my phone, but because of all of the lights on stage, they turned out like absolute crap. Thankfully Nikki got a couple on her camera and her phone that turned out pretty well, so she sent me this one.

It isn't the best, but you get the point.
And did I mention that Miranda is so freaking beautiful?! And I just love the person that she is. Everything she said on stage about herself and her hubby, I know is absolutely 100% true. They are such down to earth people and that is one of the main reasons that I love them so much. Aaaaagghhh! Just thinking about how amazing she was is making me want to see her again! Like now! 

Needless to say, Day 2 was definitely one of my favorite days! And of course the people watching that day was even better than the first day! We also got serenaded by some drunk guy walking past us. And Nikki had some guy touch her ass. He was pretty cute though so she let it slide, haha! We had such a great time and it was definitely a day that I will never forget! 


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