Friday, July 12, 2013

Country Jam Days 3 & 4

I am back with my final post about Country Jam. I decided to combine days 3 and 4 because well day 3 was probably the most boring and uneventful day, so there isn't really much to tell you guys about. Day 4 however, completely different story. So let's get started. 

Day 3, which was Saturday, was one of those days that when you looked at the line up you instantly just thought "Today isn't going to be very much fun!" And oh man was I right in that thinking. The only artist that I was excited to see was Randy Houser and he was really good. And actually Uncle Kracker wasn't bad. He was fun to listen to. Now Kid Rock on the other hand? Booooooooooooooo!!! I'm sorry but he will never be country in my book. And when you come to a country music festival and open your show with a song where you say the F word every couple of words, don't expect me to ever think that you are a country music artist.

So needless to say, we made it about 1 and a half songs into his set before we packed up and left. We went back to Nikki's parents house, got showers, and enjoyed some Mac & Cheese and then went to bed since we had to be up early for the next day.

On Sunday, day 4, we got up earlier than we had been, and made our way to the Country Jam grounds super early so that we could be there when the gates opened. We got there at 11 and sat in line with our chairs for about an hour until they opened the gates. When they did open the gates, I booked it over to where we wanted to sit for the day and Nikki's friends were already there setting up their chairs, so we all got to get our chairs right on the fence again so that we would be able to see during the shows.

The first artist of the day was supposed to take the stage around 1:30. It was supposed to be Dakota Bradley, who I have already seen, but they made an announcement that morning that he was sick and that his label mate Austin Webb would be taking his place. I have already seen Austin and got to meet him, so I was really excited!! And actually I already had plans to go see him in Denver the following week, so I was going to be seeing his show twice in one week. I was completely okay with that.

So Austin came on and Nikki and I stood up and were dancing and singing along to the songs that we did know and just having a good time. Then we were approached by a guy who worked for one of the sponsors that put on Country Jam, and he told us that since we were some of the only people dancing and having a good time, that he wanted us to have these and he handed us an envelope. Inside were two meet and greet passes to meet Austin! Cue squealing here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So at 2:30, we headed back to meet Austin and it was awesome. Not only was he a sweet heart and told me that I smelled good, he actually remembered me from when I had met him a few weeks before. So it was definitely a cool experience! And he is freaking gorgeous, so yeah, there's that too!

After the excitement of the meet and great fun, we headed out to the vehicle to eat some food and just kind of relax for a few minutes. After that we headed back in and just sat around and enjoyed the other shows going on that day. Western Underground, Blackhawk and Sawyer Brown all put on great shows. 

During the Sawyer Brown show, some guy and his two stupid friends decided to come up and stand in front of our chairs. I told them that they could stand there for now but when our friends got back, they were over getting food, that they would have to move. This jackass guy told me that he wasn't going to move. I proceeded to yell at him a little more and tell him that he would move or I would go get security. We had been sitting there all damn day and they thought they could take our seats. Uh no! When our friends got back, the one girls Husband, who is a big dude, went over and told them to move and they moved right away. Apparently since I was a girl, he wasn't going to listen to me. Asshat!

After all that fun it was time for Rascal Flatts! I was so so so excited to see them. I saw them last summer, but I knew they were going to be amazing so I couldn't wait. They once again put on an amazing show and did a great job of closing out Country Jam. 

We had such a great time at Country Jam. Four days filled with nothing but Country Music, great friends and some alcohol thrown in here and there. It was an awesome experience and one that I can't wait to have again next year!!! Especially considering that Jake Owen has already been announced as one of the headliners. Hello gorgeous!!!


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