Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies! Monday is here once again to slap us back into reality. So I am going to recap my weekend and day dream about being at home doing absolutely nothing. Sound good?!

Friday I got off work a little early because my boss freaking rocks and told me I could leave at three. So after running a few errands, I headed to my Brother's house for the evening. I had the pleasure of having a date night with this little lady while my Brother and SIL went out for a date night.

We went and got dinner, watched some TV and then she proceeded to pass the eff out while I watched "The Mighty Ducks" and "Grind". At about 2:30 am, my Brother and my SIL showed back up from their date night(they had a great time at a Chive meet up) so then I drove home. 

Saturday I woke up around 9, got ready for the day and headed out to run some errands. I went and got my eyebrows waxed. Went to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for a baby shower gift that I am making. Also went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a meat grinder attachment for our Kitchen Aid. And then I went and got some lunch and then headed home. 

Later in the day I had to run and pick up our house guest for the next few days. I was excited to see our little guest, but Louie however was not so happy. 

The top right picture cracks me up. Louie was asserting his authority and wouldn't let Buster on the couch, haha!
Our guest is Buster!! He is my best friend Lou's dog. He is hanging out with us for the next few days until I can put him on a plane to Hawaii so that he can finally be with his family after a year! I can't wait to put him on that plane because I know how much Lou misses him and I am sure he misses her and her Husband. 

We spent the rest of Saturday night just hanging out at home watching the rest of the third season of Bones. 

Sunday was a pretty typical Sunday for us. We got up, went grocery shopping. Came home and cleaned up a bit. Okay, a lot. We have been really lazy lately and haven't been cleaning. So we cleaned up the Kitchen because it was a nightmare. And I also cleaned up the Living Room a bit. We made dinner, which sucked because we had to turn on the oven and it was already balls hot in our house, so that didn't make it any cooler. Dinner turned out good though. And then we once again spent the rest of our night on the couch watching the fourth season of Bones. 

It was a pretty laid back weekend. It was nice not having anything set in stone. Next weekend however, that will not be the case, so I am glad that we enjoyed a little bit of down time together.

I hope you guys had a great weekend! 


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