Wednesday, July 17, 2013


****************************************SPOILERALERT!!*************************************** If you have not seen this weeks episode of Catfish, and do not want it to be spoiled, stop reading now! Spoilers ahead! Just wanted to give you a heads up! ***************************************************************************************************
Last year I started watching Catfish. I couldn't get enough of this show. It was just so interesting to watch these people put their life on camera just to find out that they had been lied to. And in some cases, lied to badly! It was like a train wreck, I just couldn't look away. And each week I couldn't wait to see what the outcome of the person's relationship would be. 

After a while though, it became the same thing week after week. The person on the other end was indeed a Catfish and not the person they said they were at all. And I kept finding myself wishing that for once, just once, that the person on the other end was telling the truth about who they were and their feelings for the other person. But it never happened. 

That was until last night!! In what I think has been the BEST episode of Catfish EVER, Lauren contacted Nev and Max about meeting Derek, who she had met on MySpace eight years ago. They had never met in person. They had never Skyped of Face Timed. There relationship consisted solely of phone calls, text messages and messages on Facebook and MySpace.


My first thought was that it really could be this kid. I mean eight years ago, in the days of MySpace, people didn't usually lie about who they were. It's possible that there were Catfish out there, but I don't think they were as common as they are now a days. Everything seemed to be pointing to the truth in this situation. Until they searched his phone number. It came back as being registered to a married guy who was way older than Lauren. This of course made everyone in America doubt that it was really Derek. Except for me.

Nev and Max still took Lauren to meet Derek of course. She had to find out who she had been talking to for eight years. She had to meet the guy that she ended an engagement for. So they rang the doorbell when they arrived at his house and waited in anticipation of what they would find on the other side. And then this happened...

It was actually him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which prompted me to tweet this...

For once, the person on the other end was who they said they were! They hadn't been lying about what they looked like or what their name or age was. It was 100% the real Derek that she had been talking to for eight years. 

And one of my favorite parts of this whole episode was seeing the look on Nev's face when Derek walked out. If you have seen this show you know that Nev is a true romantic and wants them all to end with it being the real person on the other end. Max however is always super skeptical that the person is lying. So to see Nev's face when they realized that Derek was in fact Derek, it was just amazing. You could see that he was so excited for Lauren and that his faith in true love was restored. 

And after everything, Lauren and Derek are still together! It truly was a happy ending on Catfish. And by far my favorite episode ever. I really hope that they do find more stories like this, because in a world where we are constantly bombarded with incorrect information, half truths and nothing but lies, it's nice to see that there are still people out there that are truthful and honest. 

What did you think about last night's episode? Were you happy with the outcome?



  1. I thought it was a good episode too! I think the show would be much more suspenseful if they mixed in more honest people. Lately I have just been trying to guess who the liar was without any hope of the person being real. There was a lot less drama to laugh at though, so I still like those crazy episodes, lol

  2. This is the best show to watch when MTV is marathoning them!! For whatever reason, I can't seem to watch just one on its own. I don't get this world of "dating" someone online but never meeting them in person!!I love that someone was finally who they said they were!!


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