Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthdays & A Day To Remember

Today, September 13th is one of those days in my family that is supposed to be happy, but also has some sadness wrapped up in it. 

20 years ago today, my little sister was born. Even though I didn't know her when she was born and didn't meet her until she was three or four, she is and will always be my little sister. We couldn't stand each other growing up, but over the last five or six years our relationship has grown and we love each other more than ever now.Yes, she drives me absolutely nuts sometimes, but hey, what are sisters for. I love you Rachelle and I hope that you have a great Birthday!

Also, I want to say Happy Birthday to my cousin Dom! I believe he is 9 today! I can't keep up anymore. All I know is he is getting big and growing up too fast. Happy Birthday Dom! I hope you have a great day!

And last but not least, today is also a really hard day because six years ago, my Grandpa Don passed away. It was such a hard thing to deal with. It was the second Grandparent that I had lost within a year and it is still something that I struggle with til this day. I miss talking to him on the phone. And I miss just sitting in a room with him and watching TV while he was passed out or reading in his chair. You don't realize all the little things you love about someone until they are gone. 

I love you so much Grandpa and I miss you more and more with each passing day! I know that you have been looking down on us from Heaven and watching over us! And every time I see a small orange butterfly, I know that it is you letting me know that you are still with me everyday!



  1. Sorry it is such a sad day, but at least you have two very happy things today too!

  2. a bittersweet day :\ I hope you run into a butterfly sometime today :)


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