Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miss Rylei's 1st Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated my Niece Rylei's 1st Birthday!

To her it was probably just like any other day. But for the rest of us we sat back reminiscing about the day of her birth. We also sat there in awe at how quickly the last year has gone by and how much she has grown. 

Once everyone had arrived it was time for her to open presents. She wasn't quite sure what to do with this at first, but then when she realized that she was the one getting stuff, she loved it. It was especially cute watching her take one piece of tissue paper out of the bag and then walk it over to someone. Then she would return to the bag and repeat. And then watching her dive into the bags to find the presents was just adorable. 

After she was done opening presents. It was time for the cake. They gave her a small cupcake and let her go at it. It was so cute! And of course there was pink frosting and cupcake everywhere! As there should have been. 

Even though Miss Rylei probably didn't understand the significance of the day, it was a pretty important one to the rest of us. Seeing how much she has grown in the past year has been incredible. She is starting to become her own person with her own personality. And that in itself has been so much fun to watch. 

Miss Rylei,
I have enjoyed every second of you over the last year and I can not wait to watch you grow even more. You are getting so big and developing quite the personality. You are such a little ham and love that about you. Just remember how much Aunt Megan loves you and that I will always be here no matter what. I love you big girl and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!



  1. Aw, Happy Birthday Rylei! Those cake pictures are the cutest!

  2. Sooo cute! It is unbelievable how quickly they grow up!

  3. So adorable! Gah! Seeing cute little girls in tutus makes me hope i have a girl in November!! We were at a first bday party this wknd too and watching him eat a cupcake was hilllarious and messy! Happy birthday Rylei!

  4. So cute. Having nieces is the best. Looks like she had a fun birthday!


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