Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hawaii Days 4 & 5

Monday rolled around and Lou still hadn't gone into labor, so unfortunately she had to go to work. But thankfully she only had to work half days. So I slept in a little bit and then got up and got to work on doing some more loads of baby laundry. We had been working on this all weekend and still hadn't even put a dent in it. So I attempted to get more of it done. 

After a few hours of sitting around I got ready for the day and by the time I was done, Lou and her Husband had both arrived at home so that they could go to hopefully her last Doctors appointment. So I decided to tag along just to get out of the house and see a little bit more of the island. 

After her appointment we went and got some stuff from the store and then headed back to their place so that I could make dinner for everyone. I made Stuffed Bell Peppers because this has always been one of Lou's favorite dishes of mine. So I was happy to make them for her. 

We ended the evening by just hanging out around the house and watching TV. It was a pretty uneventful day, but it was definitely needed after the busy weekend that we had. 

Tuesday morning I woke up pretty early and happened to catch Lou before she went to work that morning. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that her stomach really hurt and I don't mean in an upset stomach kind of way. I mean like her stomach was super tight and it hurt to move. But since she wasn't really showing any signs of labor, she headed to work. 

I once again spent my morning just relaxing on the couch and watching TV. I didn't really feel the need to do much since we had finished all the laundry the night before and had gotten it all put away. So I just watched TV and waited for Lou to get home because we had decided to go to the beach that afternoon once she got off work. 

Around 12:30 pm Lou and her Husband both showed up and then we all got ready to head to the beach. We made a stop at this delicious sandwich shop on our way down to grab lunch. It was called Storto's and it was in Haleiwa. We also stopped at Lanikai Juice and got some fresh pineapple juice. Yum!! Once we had everything we needed, we headed down to the beach.

It was kind of overcast, but still really warm so it was a pretty perfect day for the beach. We had a lot of fun just hanging out on the beach at first but then decided it was time to go in the water. I always forget that the water is salty until I get a little bit of it in my mouth and than it taste disgusting, haha! The water was great though. It was warm and pretty calm for the most part. So we just sat in the water and bobbed around for a few hours before we decided that we were done for the day. So we packed everything up, hit the showers to rinse off, changed and then headed back towards Haleiwa.

We decided to make one last stop in Haleiwa before heading back to their place. We stopped at this little road side store called Matsumoto Shaved Ice. This place is apparently known world wide. And they have all kinds of different flavors of shaved ice and you can add things on it like condensed milk and a few other things. And from what Lou and her Husband told us, the line for this place is usually wrapped around the building, but we got really lucky and the line was super short. So we all went in and got some shaved ice. Lou told me to get the condensed milk on it, which I wasn't sure about. My suspicions were right, I didn't like that part of it at all, but the rest of it was pretty good!

After getting the shaved ice we headed back to their place to hang out for the rest of the evening. We thought we would just hang out at the house that night and have some dinner and watch TV. Lou's Husband had decided to run to the store to get a few things that we needed to make dinner. Lou decided to hop in the shower while he was gone but within a few minutes came out and told me and her Mom that she was pretty sure that her water had just broke. 

Queue all kinds of excitement!!! I called Lou's Husband and told him to come home to which he replied "That's really weird! I just got off the phone with my Dad and he had called to tell me that he had a dream about fish jumping which means that someone that you know that is pregnant, their water just broke or is about to break." I thought that was really interesting. He also told me something about how his Dad said he had another dream about something else that indicates that someone is having twins. Again, with the twins thing!!!! I don't know if he was just joking or if he was being serious, haha! 

Once Lou's Husband got home we got everything ready to go. We packed up the remainder of Lou's hospital bag with everything that she needed. I showed Lou's Husband how to strap the car seat into the car properly and how to take it off and on the base. Once we had everything ready to go and packed in the car we all loaded up and made the 45 minute drive to the hospital. 

It was time for Baby G to make her way into the world and we were all so excited! I think Lou's Husband was more excited than any of us. It was the cutest thing to watch him trying to get everything together because you could just see the excitement on his face. And we were all especially excited that we would all be there to witness her coming into this world. 


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