Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Louie's Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween and have always loved dressing up in fun costumes. But this year, I am even more excited because I have someone else that I can dress up in costumes. 

That's right! I am one of those people. I dress my dog up for Halloween. Deal with it!

Last year we didn't have Louie yet, so this was the first year that we got to do anything like this with him. And my dog is weird and likes clothes. And I am not lying when I say this. If you pull a sweater or a bandanna out for him he gets excited and starts jumping around and then will sit in front of you so that you can put it on him. Weird, I know. 

So of course, I had to get him a costume. Or maybe two. We couldn't decide between these two that we loved, so when I went to the Halloween store and saw that they had both of them, I decided to just buy both. I mean who says a dog can't have more than one costume? Not to mention that he will probably wear these next year too. 

This first costume my Husband found on ThinkGeek and he wanted it so badly. We had already said that we wanted a different costume though, so I told him we could wait and do it next year. Well, when I saw it at the store it was just so cute, so I decided to get it. And I am glad that I did because Louie absolutely loves it and it ended up being my favorite of the two that we picked out for him. 

 He loves his costume. And the little cape on it is so cute. When he runs it kind of flaps in the wind and it is just adorable. 

The original costume that we had picked out for him was also one that they had at the Halloween store. I looked at the back of the packaging and it said that for his breed size that we should get a small. Well, they didn't have a small so I got a medium figuring it would just be a little big on him. So I got it home and it was actually a little too small on him. Not sure how that worked out, but it's not a big deal since I can fix it. 

I still think this costume is cute, but it definitely doesn't fit the way that I would have liked it too. But he still looks damn cute in it. And I think that once I fix it, it will look a lot better. 

We have always said that when his hair gets really long that he looks like an Ewok and this costume has now confirmed this. And we actually haven't taken him to the groomers because we wanted his hair to be longer specifically for this. But after Halloween he is going because his hair is getting out of control. 

Louie didn't seem to like this costume as much as his Underdog one, but he still liked it. And I have to agree with him on his costume choice. I think Underdog is way cuter on him. What do you guys think?

So yes, I am one of those people that dresses my dog up. But when he looks so cute in everything, how can you resist not putting him in something? I think that would just be a travesty! And I personally feel that I  would be robbing the world of the cuteness that is Louie in a Halloween costume!



  1. Ha, he's so cute! I love the Underdog costume with the cape! Too adorable. My cat does not appreciate being dressed up for Halloween!

  2. I am totally one of those people, too. Animals are just too cute NOT to dress up :) love the underdog costume!

    1. Thanks! Glad that I am not alone in dressing up my animals!

  3. So cute! If I had a dog I would dress him up too!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, the Ewok costume is too adorable. My pup has grown to HATE dressing up, but his first Halloween he was a very pretty flower ;-)


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