Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Remember me? Yeah, I know. I have still been a bad blogger. I'm sorry! But, I thought I would stop in, since ya know, this is my blog. 

I am spending my day today at a Supervisor Seminar Training something or other, so I wanted to at least give you guys a weekend recap post to read. Tomorrow I hope to have my first Hawaii Recap post up. Onto the weekend though. 

So even though I hadn't quite started my weekend yet, I wanted to tell you guys about something that happened at lunch on Friday. A very good friend of mine, P, who I work with, went to Buffalo Wild Wings with me for lunch. He is one of my Husbands best friends too, so I spend quite a bit of time with him. So when we got to BWW for lunch, we sat down and our waitress came over. P took one look at her and then couldn't stop talking about how cute she was. So I decided to take matters into my own hands like any good friend would do. I wrote a nice little note on the back of our receipt to this cute little waitress. I gave her his number and told her that he was a nice guy and that he would really like to talk to her and get to know her. P kept telling me that it wasn't going to work and that she would never call or text. He said that if she did though that he would give me $10. So we left to go back to work and left it at that. 

No joke, I woke up to a text from him on Saturday morning asking me who I put up to text him. And of course I hadn't and had to convince him of that. But as the day went on he text me and told me that it really was her that text him and that he owed me big. Glad that I could be of service and that will be $10 please! 

Okay, now onto my real weekend. Friday after work the Hubby and I along with one of my friends went over to American Furniture Warehouse where the previous weekend we had purchased a 3 piece coffee table set. They only had one left but it was in another city, so they had to have it transferred down to our store and wasn't available for pick up until Friday. So we get there, we checked in at the customer pick up area and then were given a pager and told that when it went off it would tell us which door to back up to to get our stuff. 

About 20 minutes later our pager went off and we went and got into my friends truck and went to go pull up to the door that our little pager told us to go to. Well there was someone in the spot that we were supposed to pull into. So we waited for probably 10 minutes until this guy was done getting his stuff. We pulled up, got out of the truck, gave them our pager and our receipt and just got confused looks from the guys working there. They kept asking us all these questions about if it would be under a different name and a bunch of other things. I was starting to get worried. They told us they would be back because they had to go talk to their manager. About 20 minutes later they told us that we could go ahead and park our vehicle and that we needed to go in and talk to someone at Customer Service. 

We parked, went in and found the Customer Service desk and found that the Manager was waiting for us. After no one would give us any answers, he finally was able to tell us what was going on. Apparently our furniture got loaded into someone else's car. Specifically, the car that was in front of us while we were waiting. And this guy was apparently already home in a town a half an hour away. I was absolutely pissed. How could this even happen? Thankfully everyone we dealt with was very nice and friendly and they arranged to have our furniture picked up the next day and were going to deliver it and set it up for us. And I got a free stuffed tiger out of the deal. It was just frustrating more than anything, but it all got fixed so I can't really be too mad.

Our tables. This is from the website and not the actual ones in our house.
After we found out the fate of our furniture, we decided to go to dinner. We went to one of my favorite pizza places, Il Vicino. It was delicious as usual and we had a great time with my friend eating and talking and just trying to forget everything that happened with the furniture. After dinner we went home and did a little bit of housework and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up really early and headed out to go get new tires put on our car and to have our ABS light checked out. I have been so busy that I didn't even get to tell you guys that our car broke down on Monday. The only working car we had, broke down. Queue a breakdown here. It was not easy on me, but thankfully we have some amazing friends that helped us out with getting to and from work. And my Dad helped us out big time with parts and labor thankfully. But the car had to be towed to my Dad's work so we think that caused the ABS light to come on, so we wanted to get that fixed. Unfortunately they couldn't figure out why it was on either, so I guess we are just going to deal with it. 

After that we headed to my Brothers house to meet up with them to go to the Pumpkin Patch with my Nieces. So we packed up all the kids and headed out. We got there and within 10 minutes they had already found the Pumpkins that they wanted. It didn't take them long at all, haha! We took a little bit longer to pick out ours, but I think we picked the perfect ones! After the pumpkins had been picked, we walked around a bit and I took a picture in front of the farms wagon. I actually have a picture of me and my brother on this same wagon when I was really little, so I wanted to get a picture of me with it now. As my Husband put it, I was getting all nostalgic on him.

After the pumpkin patch we headed home so that our tables could be delivered. While we waited around for them to get there I did some more house work. After they delivered our tables we went and did some shopping and had dinner with our friend Bret. And then we came home and watched the first two episodes of "Game of Thrones" and I am hooked. I can't wait to watch even more of it. I then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch while we watched SNL, so I finally pulled myself off the couch and headed to bed.

Sunday I got up around 9 and immediately got started running errands. I went to Target and finished up some of my Fall Swap shopping(dont' forget to get your packages in the mail by Tuesday since I know the Post Office is closed Today). Then I went and got some groceries and then headed home to get ready. 

The best part of my weekend was Sunday afternoon. My Mom is in town for her job right now so we all headed to my Brothers house to have an early dinner. I was so excited to see my Mom and Step Dad. I haven't seen them since last January, so it has been a while. So we spent the afternoon catching up and eating and watching my Nieces run around the house like crazy people. It was a great afternoon and I am so glad that I got to spend some time with her. 

The rest of Sunday was spent just watching TV and writing some blog posts. Ya know, nothing too amazing, haha! It was a very busy weekend once again. I don't know that we will ever get a weekend with nothing to do, but oh well. 

I hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope that your Monday isn't too tough on you. Have a great day everyone!



  1. That is too funny about your friend and the waitress. I hope they go on a date!

    How frustrating about your tables. Glad they are putting them together for you.

    Looks like a fun and busy weekend!

  2. What, no photo of your free stuffed tiger? Haha. Buying furniture can be the worst - all the waiting around to either pick it up, or get it delivered!! Glad everything worked out in the end. Your pumpkin patch photos are reminding me that we have to go get some pumpkins!!!


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