Monday, August 1, 2011

Minor Meltdown Weekend and A Favor To Ask

So as I sit here in my room, it is now 12:15 am and I can't sleep. Why? Well, this weekend was very stressful. I'll spare you the details about the real life stuff, because is a really long story. But the wedding stuff was a huge factor into this minor meltdown of a weekend.

It all started today when my friend Rochelle and I went to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond here in our town. I was so excited to show her the dishes and a few of the other things that we had registered for last weekend. Well, when we did our registry last weekend we were at a different Bed, Bath, and Beyond in a larger city. Not saying my city is large, it is, we have three B, B, and B's here, but the one we went to last weekend was the largest in the state. Well, I didn't think anything about it until today when we were there and I couldn't find the dishes that we registered for. That might be because that store in the bigger city, is the only store in the state that carries them. So picture me in the store, freaking out because our guests don't even have access to a huge part of our registry unless they go to the bigger town which can be a pain or if they order them online. I really wanted to make our registry easy for our guests, but apparently that isn't possible with what we ran into today.

So needless to say, I have been this huge ball of stress all afternoon and evening. I know I shouldn't stress about things like this because there is nothing that we can do about it. Our only other option at this point would be to register for another set, but we love the ones we picked so much and really didn't like much else that we saw there. I don't know why I am stressing about something like this. Gifts don't even matter. It is the guests that you have chosen to share this amazing and special day with that I should be focusing on.

Now, on to other things. I have a favor to ask of you, my readers. Starting today (Monday) my Fiance and I are in a contest with Storymix Media to try and win a Flip camera video package from them. All I am asking you to do is to go to this link and leave a comment on the bottom of the page. Now, I know that some of my fellow blogging brides are also entered in this contest, so I completely understand if you do not want to do this, haha! But, for those of you who aren't entered in this contest, I would really appreciate your help. So again, all you have to do is go HERE and leave a comment on the bottom of the page using Facebook. Aran and I would love to win this package and we would appreciate your help so much. Thank you for your help in advance if you choose to leave a comment.

 Have any of you had a similar experience with your registry? What did you do if you have run into this? Any advice on what we should do with this situation?


  1. Hey- we actually had something similar happen with Target. We went to the closest one at the time (35 mins away) and registered. When I went online things were all mixed up and I had to redo a lot of it online. Then one opened up two weeks ago closer to home so we went there this past weekend to update it- and was surprised at the number of things that weren't at that store but were at the other one. It was quite a mess.

    I also wanted to be sure that more important things (like sheets, dishes, and silverware) were available in store... since I assume most people shop in store instead of online. What do you think??

  2. Yeah, I am definitely trying to make sure that more of our stuff is in the store now. Hopefully we won't run into any other problems with this. I think we will finish up the registry here in the town we live in that way I know that it is there. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your experience!


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